Clone Ktag 7.020 Ksuite 2.25 “Micro Protection Removal Failed” Solution

Car model: Tiguan, 2.0TSI CCZ 2010

06J906026FK (2.0TSI CCZC)
Bosch MED17.5
Chip:- TC1766
Prot:- VAG128


Purpose: to read


ECU programmer to use: clone Ktag 7.020 Ksuite 2.25


Error: “Micro protection removal failed” as seen in the image

Clone Ktag 7 020 Micro Protection Removal Failed Solution 01


How to solve?

Tip 1. First make sure that power supply is good 2amper and 12.5volt.


Tip 2. second try another protocol, 267, 199.


Tip 3. ,ktag needs full runtimes and .net framework updated so it can do this jobs correctly.

Check these too!


Tip 4. Med17.5…many kill the ecu by obd2.

Some ECUs need jumper on ktag.


Tip 5. Another opinion is that something wrong with protocols of your clone ktag…

Try choosing from protocol not from car list….and give 13volt..


Tip 6. try with jtag connection, I think this is (but I am not 100% sure)

Clone Ktag 7 020 Micro Protection Removal Failed Solution 02


Tip 7. for sure you can look at the pdf connections of ktag for bdm-jtag connection…

Galletto has deferrend connection.

Clone Ktag 7 020 Micro Protection Removal Failed Solution 03


Tip 8. I don’t know if I understood you correctly (forgive me if I did not)but you can’t just read and write dumps from one ecu on to another…vag ecus are crypted by processor password/otp section .You need to recalculate immo section in eeprom to new ecu password/otp


Tip 9. Try with kess v2 in bootmode. Also if your galletto is good try with it…


Tip 10. buy a original scanmatik 2 and pcmflash with proper plugin. And you don’t have to open Med/edc17 ecu’s.

While, sometimes we can’t afford these original tools.


Hope it helps!