How to Fix CGDI MB “Failed to Collect Data” for Mercedes W230?

Trying to use CGDI MB programmer to virgin a Mercedes Benz W230 EIS but cannot calculate password. See error image below. Failed to collect data.

Have tried fast and normal collection.

Do not have key for this EIS

Cgmb Virgin W230 Eis 01

Cgmb Virgin W230 Eis 02


You need CGPro 9s12 Programmer to read EIS. or other MCU programmer like Xhorse VVDI Prog.  The upload EIS data to calculate password.


For CGPro W230 option, in CG Pro software, select Chip- MCU-Motorola 9S12, then select the corresponding EIS chip type ( 9S12DT128 1L59W, 1L85D or 4L40K.)

Cgmb Virgin W230 Eis 08

CG pro W230 9S12DT128 wiring diagram

Cgmb Virgin W230 Eis 09

Here is image of VVDI Prog W230 option and wiring diagram:

Cgmb Virgin W230 Eis 03

Benz EIS W230 wiring diagram (soldering way)

Cgmb Virgin W230 Eis 04

Benz EIS W230 wiring diagram (without soldering with EZS/EIS adapter)

Cgmb Virgin W230 Eis 05


CGPro and VVDI Pro tech support: