Which Autel can do Tesla and What Cable for it?

I’ve seen Tesla update in Autel. I am concerned about what kind of scan tool will allow me to troubleshoot problems? Do autel support electric cars like TESLA, if yes which Autel will do? Has anyone connected to a Tesla with Autel yet? Can anyone comment on the availability of a proprietary cable(s) for Tesla? Which models /years does Autel cover?

Autel Tesla Update

Autel Diagnose Tesla 5


Autel scanners that can access Tesla: MS908S Pro, MaxiSys Elite, MS909, MS919, Ultra, Eilte II (Note: MS908S cannot do Tesla)


Autel Tesla software and function
Supports basic functions including Read Warning Message, ECU information, Live data, Read codes and erase codes, as well as 41 Hot special functions, including BMS reset alert, BMD clear contactor stress index, EPB service mode, brake bleed and read/write TPMS sensor ID for Model X and Model S (Autel cable kit required)


Autel released a special cable kit for Model X and Model S

Includes three cables:

– Connects to Tesla port X861 (located behind the instrument cluster) to activate factory mode (instrument cluster must be disassembled)
– Connects to Tesla port X863 (located below the central control screen) for diagnostics of post-2015/Sept vehicles.
– Connects to Tesla port X863 (located to the left of the instrument cluster) for diagnostics pre-2015/Sept vehicles.

– Connects to Tesla port X437 (located below the central control screen) for diagnostics of post-2015/Sept vehicles.

– Connects to Tesla port X437 (located below the central control screen) for diagnostics of pre-2015/Sept vehicles.

Autel Tesla Cable Kit 1

Autel Tesla Cable Kit 2


How to Connect Autel Tesla Diagnostic Cable Set?


You can check Tesla model and function list on Autel official website, for example,

here’s the function list of Model S

Autel Tesla 1

Autel Tesla 2

Autel Tesla 3

Autel Tesla 4

5). Autel Ultra test Tesla Model S in action

Tapping into the network with the LineSpi provides us access all the modules but it will not show or check Alerts (Tesla’s name for DTC’s) so i will buy the cable kit and test soon. This is a 2013 Model S.

Autel Diagnose Tesla 0

Autel Diagnose Tesla 1

Autel Diagnose Tesla 2

Autel Diagnose Tesla 3

tesla isn’t gonna have a lot of the issues most cars do, as they’re fully electric, no sensors to go out on an engine at least.

You also have some other options to troubleshoot Tesla.

Option 1
Launch X431 diagnostic tablets (pad v, pad vii, x431 v+)  have Tesla ability with an added subscription.


Launch X431 Tesla function & list 

Tesla airbag reset with Launch X431

Option 2
You can buy a subscription to Tesla Toolbox for $333 per month and buy cable from aftermarket

Here in the below link are the cables for Toolbox,


Option 3:

T-Diag is the best tesla tool.
Use t diag for 3200 euro…for full version. Connect thru obd and fakra cable.