BMW Mileage Correction with Autohex II or Hextag?

Question: How to perform mileage correction on bmw (i.e E90) with autohox ii?  Getting function under Test. Need the cluster, cas, and key to read correctly. Any advice will be appreciated.

Autohex Ii Bmw Mileage Correction Function Under Test

For CAS system

You can do the job with hextag.

You need to do CAS mileage on HexProg software need to do on bench cluster and CAS.

In hextag,

1. Take out CAS and cluster. Set CAS mileage as 0. Write

2. Read cluster EEPROM, put km, write, easy.

if you are getting error on editing eeprom, you can try unplug and connect power to hexprog after edit then only write eeprom back.


Hextag Correct Mileage 1

Hextag Correct Mileage 2

Hextag Correct Mileage 3

Hextag Correct Mileage 4

Hextag Correct Mileage 5

For BMW FEM/BDC system:

you need to reset FEM/BDC mileage to 0 on autohex ii unlock option and edit in cluster the desired mileage using hextag.

Autohex can reset the mileage of FEM/BDC to zero this will help when you replace fem from one car to another.
Before you mount FEM/BDC back to the car you have to modify mileage in KOMBI (Set kombi chip as the desired mileage, this can be done by HexTag Tool) Once fem is connected back to car after reset it will adapt mileage from kombi and store original mileage. There are options for reset mileage alone or can do both unlock and reset mileage.
Autohex Ii Fem Mileage Reset
If getting this error while resetting mileage, the mileage was reset from the first unlock…the message says that you must update fem before add key or change vin/isn….unlock and mileage was ok.
Autohex Ii Fem Mileage Reset Error