Can I Program VVDI BE Key with Autel IM608 Pro?

Question: Can I program VVDI BE Key XNBZ01 with Autel im608 Pro?

Look at VVDI BE Key image below:

Vvdi Be Key 01


Read the success stories below:

  1. It can be programmed without problems with Autel im608, I did with this one on E240. But you can’t change frequency via IM608.  IM608 does not have the capability to change Mercedes key frequency like the vvdi mb.

If you remove the capacitor where it says FRE it will change the frequency, the yellow label on the key wrapper tells you about the frequency.


Look at this image showing desolder this resistor for 433 MHz:

Vvdi Be Key 02

Or use vvdi mb to change Frequency 315 or 433 no need to desolder.