Autel IM608 Renew and Program Mercedes VGS TCU Transmission

This is a 2008 Mercedes GL450. We need to swap TCU transmission control unit and program it another donor one to the vehicle using Autel MaxiIM IM608 on the bench.

Let’s go ahead and do it.

Select Immobilizer- Manual selection- GL/GLS- 2006 to 2008

Autel Im608 Benz Ecu Swap 1

From here we’re going to go to Control unit- TCU tools

Go to check the wiring diagram first

Autel Im608 Benz Ecu Swap 2

VGS/VGS2/VGS3 NAG2 wiring diagram

this is the connections that we have to make between the transmission control unit and the obd cable that’s coming off the jbox on the im608 or the regular obd cable

As you see we have one power and one ground since we don’t have power and ground coming from anywhere

so i just decided to use this power pack or booster pack

i use the power and ground with it another leak coming to here

Autel Im608 Benz Ecu Swap 3

Autel Im608 Benz Ecu Swap 4

We’ve done the wiring

press Exit

we’re gonna go to read TCU data, Read the data save it. Then we’re going to go to renew TCU. It’s going to get a erase password off the internet.

Only password is the erasure password which is easily calculated by im608. No other password is required.

Then it will renew the whole transmission control unit, make it brand new since this one right now is a used one.

Read TCU data.

Autel Im608 Benz Ecu Swap 4 1

There’s all the data. As you see here it says yes yes no no and I’ve actually renewed it.  Press OK it will save it.

Then you go to Renew TCU

Autel Im608 Benz Ecu Swap 5

Mine has been renewed. So just follow IM608 prompt to renew.


What we need to do next is remove the other transmission control unit from car,  read the original information and write that original information into this donor one and put it back in the car. 

Autel Im608 Benz Ecu Swap 7
this is the original one, we attached the wires the same way
first i should read data on this one and then just go to renew it, then program it and call it a day.

Autel Im608 Benz Ecu Swap 8

since this is the original transmission it has never been renewed
this has been programmed and you see it is initialized and TP cleared
We save transmission information that’s the most important part

You can take a screenshot by pressing the camera icon in case forget it.

Autel Im608 Benz Ecu Swap 9
we are going to Renew TCU.

Network connection is required to obtain erase password. Renew TCU success. Save data again.

Autel Im608 Benz Ecu Swap 10

so I am gonna connect back again the new one and write information on that

Autel Im608 Benz Ecu Swap 13

Since it has been renewed, all i have to do is Load TCU data

Autel Im608 Benz Ecu Swap 11

Load the right data, press OK

Then Write TCU data

load again correct TCU with the correct number in it again

Autel Im608 Benz Ecu Swap 12

Succeed in writing. We have done Mercedes TCU Transmission Control Unit swap, renew, and programming with Autel IM608.