Autel MX TPMS Sensor is Recognized by Toyota Tacoma 2018

Some asked: is there a TPMS sensor in the spare on 2018 Toyota Tacoma?


The answer is: No… turd gens only have 4 slots of memory for tpms numbers… you have to get a tpms installed in the spare and either 1.) Get a shop or dealer to program tpms locations if you rotate the spare in 2.) Buy a programmer to do it yourself (what i did) or 3.) you dont rotate your spare and be comfortable not knowing what the psi is…

So, I used the Autel TS508 tool… Found out the tool only reprograms AUTEL MX-TPMS‘s… but will read/write any “OEM” sensor… Programming IS needed BUT it is recognized as OEM by the Autel TS508…. I “relearned” all the tire positions by scanning all the tpm’s… new auto part store tpm included… and boom… TS508 read/rewrote all scanned sensors… Truck is 100% good and tire pressure displayed after a few dozen yards of movement lol

I’m going to install the MX-TPMS, I can clone / program it with the TS508 and every tire rotation just “relearn” positions… less than 5mins to do the “programming”.



Okay fellas….

Truck never threw a TPMS light but the pressures never appeared on the dash… I drove a lot this morning….

I said screw it and I used my tool and “relearned” positions, it all worked… more importantly, proved the MX sensor is read and recognized by the truck/ECU

Currently I have two NON-OEM sensors on the truck and my tool was able to write the ID’s to the ECU without a problem. One TPMS is from Orielly’s Auto Parts and the tool was able to write that one no problem…. the MX-TPMS needed programming since it is a universal tpms…. the tool was able to do that no problem.


Tacomas only have 4 slots of TPMS memory…. programming the 5th will NOT allow you to “relearn” tires after full spare rotation by simply using the tpms button on dash…. sorry

While the tools require you to scan a 5th (Spare) TPMS and the ECU “learns” 5 sensors…. when you extract the info, it only calls out 4 slots of memory…. I can’t explain it and it really doesn’t matter to me anymore…. I have the tool and it is exactly doing what I need it to do.

if you guys want to save money, I highly recommend the Autel TS508…. in retrospect, I would have paid the additional $250 for the All-in-one tool to read Engine trouble codes and diagnostics, but I’m okay with keeping my bosh for the motor and this for the tpms.


it really is that easy to relearn all your tires.


Photos for reference, my dudes…. the screen is really clear in reality, the frame rate on the camera did not play well with the refresh rate of the screen

first two photos are the Autel MX Sensor… high quality… felt OEM


And notice on the final relearn…. the sensors, their ID’s and positions on the left…. ECU ID’s (they match when relearned) on the right…. see? Asked for 5 and only shows 4

Autel Mx Tpms Sensor Toyota Tacoma 01

Autel Mx Tpms Sensor Toyota Tacoma 02

Autel Maxitpms Ts508 03

Autel Maxitpms Ts508 04