Read BMW CAS3++ AKL ME9.2 ISN by Autel Autohex ACDP or Ktag?

2008 BMW X5 idrive with CAS3++ all keys lost. Autel IM608 says no support for reading ISN for ME9.2. I need long ISN to write to CAS3. What is everyone else using for this DME?




CAS3 could be done via obd2, Cas 3 ++ Istap it best to pull eeprom bin file and make key with DME ISN. It can’t do 64 attempts if it’s got ME9.2 N62 engine ECU, this CAS3 is encrypted. These V8 models can have encrypted CAS3+ asking for 32-digit ISN to decrypt, but DME only uses 4-digit ISN.

You need isn don’t do 64 attempts. You could damage starter and get blamed.  64 attempts is only in car through obd not on bench at home, you need to pull engine computer and read isn.

AutoHex II, Yanhua Mini ACDP, Ktag boot mode, BDM100, CGpro, MPPS etc. Even then it’s just gonna give you 4 digit ISN, You’ll have to send it to someone with AutoHex and have them convert it to 32 digit ISN! ME9.2 sucks!!

Read ME9.2 ECU with ECU programmers and send dump to someone with autohex to help extract long ISN from flash or read it with autohex/ACDP. 

Me9 2 Ecu Pinout


Yanhua ACDP

Yanhua ACDP will read both 4-digit and 32-digit ISN code for old/new ME9.2 DMEs

Here is the operation guide to read ME9+ ISN with ACDP.

Yanhua Acdp Me9 2 Isn 9
Follow the wiring diagram above to connect ACDP, OBP+ ICP adapter, ME9+ board and ME9.2 DME
Select “BMW”-> “DME ISN”-> “OBD/CAN Mode Read/Write ISN”-> Select N62 DME type you desired -> “Start”
Check if the device has been connected
Test the device connection and network
Start reading DME data…
Check if the system info read out is correct
(System info incl. DME type, VIN, part number, variant index, diagnosis index, coding index and date)
Save the ISN data
Yanhua Acdp Me9 2 Isn 5
Yanhua Acdp Me9 2 Isn 6
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