How to Add Sprinter T1N 2005 Key with Cheap Zedfull Clone?

Vehicle model:
Sprinter T1N 2005 140′ low roof passenger van


Purpose to clone a key:

The van came with only one key, and it is of the Remote Keyless Entry (RKE) version, though the RKE does not work. I tried to repair the fob to car, but no joy.

As much as I want another key fob (and both of them to work, the quickest thing was to get a standard transponder key made. I would rather not go to a dealership or locksmith to get a clone key.

I started to research key cloning. The advantage is instead of a finite number of keys, I could have as many keys as I wanted (the car just thinks I’m always using the same key), and I could make new ones whenever I wanted. So, I was looking online for key cloners that would handle the T5 Silca chip (chip that is in the key blanks). Found a number of cloners in the $150 and up category. Not very cost-effective. Then I ordered a Chinese clone Mini Zed-Bull.

For $39.99 off,

Zed Bull Sprinter T1N 2005 Key Clone 1

Then for another $12.95, I ordered two Sprinter key blanks off of eBay

Fortunately, because I have to copy keys for some rental properties, I have access to a Belsaw key cutter

Zed Bull Sprinter T1N 2005 Key Clone 2
Quite a simple machine, and it does take a bit of getting used to adjust, but it does the job.So I started out with the blank and my existing key.

Zed Bull Sprinter T1N 2005 Key Clone 3

About 5 minutes later I had a key cut.

Once the key was cut I tried it in the van and got the immobilizer starter error, which was expected.

The Zed-Bull can be used to identify a key for a transponder and which type. Here is what it read for my original and for the ‘virgin’ blank

Zed Bull Sprinter T1N 2005 Key Clone 5

Top image: original key, bottom image: ‘virgin’ blank:

Not surprising the transponder on the blank key was all zeros.

I then ran the key through the copying process.

Simply insert the original into the machine, press Copy. It will prompt you to press R to read

Zed Bull Sprinter T1N 2005 Key Clone 4

Once done, the machine prompts you for the correct chip type, and to press W to write the key.

20 seconds later, voila, chip is copied.

I went back out to car and the car started!

So.. what’s the take aways?

— The immobilizer on the T1N is an early generation one that does not use rolling codes
— If you have access to a key machine the blank is readily cut (as it is not a side cut key)
— For $39 you can own the mini zed-bull cloning machine
— For $6 a blank, you can make a copy that works.