How to Unlock Original JLR Key with Yanhua Mini ACDP?

If you want to copy a range rover remote with yanhua mini acdp and JLR module, the app says ‘put the unlocked working key on the bav-key adapter’. How to unlock a working remote and do you need to lock it at the end?

Don’t worry just put the working key in the BAV unit it just stops you from cloning this key. The key will be fine after.


How to unlock the original key with Yanhua acdp?

The purpose to unlock the original JLR key: If the original factory key is programmed and locked. If you want to program it again, you need to unlock it first. If the original car key is thought to be lost and deleted with a key programmer, and then found it again, it needs to be unlocked first and then programmed again.

Yanhua Acdp Refresh Jlr Key 00


Firstly, please prepare:

Have Yanhua Mini ACDP, OBP+ ICP adapter, 8PIN cable, interface board and key.

Yanhua Acdp Refresh Jlr Key 01


Take out the key circuit board to confirm the location of the test point.

Yanhua Acdp Refresh Jlr Key 02


Place the key on the interface board and tighten the studs.

Yanhua Acdp Refresh Jlr Key 03

Use an 8PIN cable to connect the interface board to the OBP+ ICP adapter and connect the adapter to ACDP.

Yanhua Acdp Refresh Jlr Key 04

Next is to operate with Yanhua ACDP APP.

Click on “Jaguar /LandRover/ “.

Yanhua Acdp Refresh Jlr Key 05

Click on “Key Refresh”.

Yanhua Acdp Refresh Jlr Key 06

There are 4 options:

315MHz YWX000071

433MHz 4E0U40247

433MHz 5E0U40247

433MHz YWX000061

Yanhua Acdp Refresh Jlr Key 07

Just choose one according to your key type, and then unlock it.

  1. Push the metal shell to the right.
  2. Confirm key code (for example 5E0U40247)

Yanhua Acdp Refresh Jlr Key 08


Alright, hope it helps!

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