How to Check if Autel Maxisys Expired or Valid?

To view the information about when the Autel Maxisys device expires, the user can see directly on the device:

  1. Support APP>>My Account>>Expire Date;
  2. Update APP>>Renew

Autel Maxisys License Valid

Check Autel Expire

Look at the Autel Maxisys Pro device image below, it is said software license has expired. You have to renew license.

Autel Maxisys Expire


Is it necessary to pay for the update?

Updates are to fix existing problems, new car functions and system functions.

If you think the updates are too much, you have the wrong scanner, or need to make more money. And I see others who don’t update them, and they don’t do certain functions, and are slow as hell.


Autel Maxisys Elite One Year Software Subscription


And more:

Autel Maxisys MS908 One Year Software Subscription

Autel Maxisys Pro MS908P/ MK908P/ MS908S Pro 1 Year Software Subscription Total Care Program



Q: Can I update early if I have the card or will the subscription update start today?

A: Yes, you can stack updates and you are not penalized for doing so


Q: My Maxisys says software subscription is expired but it actually does not expired.

A:  Do a full factory reset on your tool before your subscription expires to refresh your tool. Also use a 32 GB SD card to expand internal storage. Part of the problem is your tool has run out of memory.


Q: if the online programming and coding continues to work after the subscription expires?

A: No, needs to current for it to work.

Q: Can you use the jbox through the scanner still in order to update modules or are you stuck using the jbox through a pc and purchasing a license for that vin in order to update modules?
A: The Autel Cloud based Programming for BMW and Benz required a current subscription in order to access the Autel Server. Without Subs it will not connect.