How to Activate Autel AP200 OBD2 Scanner with Full Brands?

Activation of all brands for Autel ap200 Bluetooth OBD2 scanner is possible, but without special functions (adaptation, coding), only diagnostics for all modules and reset of service intervals. But it is a good alternative for personal use for DIYers. When activated for all brands, the program also performs only diagnostics for all makes. Such an adapter is suitable for personal use and auto-fitting. For car services, it will be a tool for quickly reading errors from all makes.


Activation of all Autel AP200 brands in Xdiag ap200 indefinitely

You can activate in 3 ways:

1) Through the Autel Start program

2) Through the Xdiag AP200 program, which has shown itself to be on the good side in working with Launch adapters.

3) if you have ap200 dongle, flash/downgrade firmware 1.03, check instructions here:

How to Flash/Downgrade Autel Firmware 1.03 for Full Brands?


Here are some images showing  Autel ap 200 activations for all brands:

Upon activation of Autel ap200 for all brands, you can search Google (i.e famous website). It has instructions to install cracked app and install database for all cars.


  • NOTE:
  • This method only works with adapters with old firmware 1.03.
  • Autel ap200 + all brands is only possible on android. The functions are the same as in the original MaxiAp program: Car diagnostics for all control units and service interval resets.
  • On version 1.23 / 1.26 or on adapter firmware 1.03.14 and higher, it is possible to use ONLY officially purchased brands.

Autel Ap200 Activation For All Brands 01 Autel Ap200 Activation For All Brands 02 Autel Ap200 Activation For All Brands 03 Autel Ap200 Activation For All Brands 04

Autel Ap200 Activation For All Brands 06

Autel Ap200 Activation For All Brands 07

It may pop up “VCI is not connected yet. Please reconnect VCI!”, then please connect the VCI to the vehicle.

Autel Ap200 Activation For All Brands 08

Autel Ap200 Activation For All Brands 09

Autel Start program:

For work does not need internet. Only for downloads machines.

Not necessary to buy yearly license.


X-DIAG AP200 Program:

Require internet network connection.
Pay for yearly license.



Good to know:

The difference in these activation methods will be described in the next paragraph. Instead of the method mentioned above, there is an activation of Autel ap200 for all car brands without time limits.


Activation of all Autel ap200 brands and how long do they work?

  1. The activation includes 133 car brands. All brands are available only for Android in the Autel start.apk program. Checking the work of all brands (test version) is free for 3 days.
  2. One car brand in the official program is given without restriction. All brands in Autel start.apk need to be renewed every year.
  3. Every 2 days the program requires Internet access (preferably through Autel start.apk).


Q: Just bought an adapter, firmware version 1.03. What to do?

A: Do not download the application from the playstore (the version from the market flashes the adapter with the latest firmware). Learn methods for opening stamps. You do not need to create an account.

Q:Just bought an adapter, firmware version 1.03.14 and higher. What to do?

A:Use one free brand. Wait for a way to open all brands. Do not ask when the way will appear.

Q:Vci serial number not match error?


A:Replace all default serial numbers in the AutelStore.fcgi file with your own, erase all application data.
And restart the application again.


Autel ap200 is available at:


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