How to Solve Audi BCM2 Car is Dead After Read Data on Bench?


Bcm2 problems on a 2014 Audi A4, anyone have suggestions? Read on bench with xhorse vvdi prog, car is dead now. Anyone have a repair service I can use?

I have read and verified dflash and pflash before reinstalling in car.

Renesas D70F3634

Renesas D70F3634

Possible reasons:

To read encrypted BCM you need remove the resistor components before reading.

The components are not soldered back on properly. 




1. Get donor and write files to it and you are good to go. Everything will be fine.


2. Send the car to someone who have odis with a used BCM. It takes less than 24 hours to get the approval from ingolstadt and get it programmed. Just fixed one the other day.


3. After brick a same bcm2 on Audi A7 restored with hextag/hexprog with original backup of eeprom and donor A6 backup of flash, recoded and updated via vagcan pro, all was ok and car was gone, if you have hextag/hexprog can help with restore of this unit.



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