Why Locksmiths Vote Yanhua Mini ACDP with BMW modules?

Yanhua Mini ACDP Full BMW Key Programmer package has been receiving an increasing number of good comments from many users, and more and more locksmiths vote for it. Generally speaking, it can program key for BMW CAS1-CAS3+, CAS4 / CAS4+, FEM/BDC, it can read and Write ISN Code, it comes with 35160 Module, it can renew keys for BMW E series and F series, it comes with FRM Footwell module, it can clear EGS ISN, etc.


Yanhua Mini ACDP users’ feedback speak louder than the claims:


Good Feedback 1.

I use yanhua and so far happy with it.


From what I know through a few of my friends Yanhua ACDP mini and CGDI BMW are working good, but they have a different ways how to use for key & cloning programming. I own ACDP Mini with BMW module. The best thing ACDP work on Android phone, easy to handle and it works on PC too. Many adapters without soldering. Must have internet. I m still learning it. Most claim CGDI is FAST & RELIABLE for Mercedes. Both are good original tools from China Manufacturer. It depends on what Job and your Budget.


Good Feedback 2.

Yes I use ACDP works but wish I could do more over OBD safely.


Good Feedback 3.

My feelings to Yanhua Mini ACDP are mixed. Overall the device is good and pretty reliable, but on the other hand there are faults like you need to close an app every time you want to use another function. Sometimes it doesn’t work with newer model of Samsung, I can use it with S8+, but not necessarily with Note 10. Downloading updates directly in app is also difficult sometimes.
I would suggest to forget about OBD key making/eeprom reading to CAS3,4. I tried one time with CAS3 and 4 and it make no sense to try again, because it won’t handle it (unless something changed).


Good Feedback 4.

From my experience with MINI ACDP with BMW module:
– FEM/BDC Keys -> All Good
– FEM/BDC AKL -> All Good
– CAS 3 AKL and with working key -> All Good
– CAS 4 OBD Key -> All Good
– CAS 4/4+ ICP -> 50/50 once all good, once eeprom data occured while read.
– FRM Repair -> All Good
– 6HP EGS ISN Reset -> All Good
– BMW E/F Key refresh -> All Good
– E90/60/etc. clusters eeprom mileage reset -> All Good
– F10/F30/F20/etc. cluster expect 35128 mileage reset -> All Good

From my experience the ACDP device is really good but I do always make full backup with VVDI PROG while working with CAS 4 and CAS4+.
Most of the time I use the PC to work with ACDP but with iPhone XS as well never had any issue.


For the operation guide, please watch videos here

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lwCOPEF0Axg&list=PLYFyJLWubsfvzSgNhmmGlho-cuKrJMKYH (more than 40 videos on how to use Yanhua Mini ACDP)


Good Feedback 5.
I use ACDP for BMW
what I use
read isn in e90 renew cas 2 and write isn
f30 can edit isn and vin in DME . Clone DME ok
E60 add key ok


Good Feedback 6.

ACDP BMW can reset e series 6hp bench, f series 6hp bench, f series 8hp obd bench.


Read Guide:

Reset ISN 6HP and 8HP for BMW E /F series with Yanhua Mini ACDP



Yanhua Mini ACDP BMW CAS1 – CAS4+, FEM BDC, BDC2 Coverage


Anyway, the feedback is not complete, for more details, please refer to  Yanhua Mini ACDP with BMW Modules includes:


CAS1-CAS3+ Module:
Key Programming by OBD
Add Keys
Reset Mileage
Back up or recover CAS
All keys Lost

CAS4 / CAS4+ Module:
Read CAS4 EEPROM without soldering / welding
Add Keys without soldering / welding
Reset Mileage without soldering / welding
Back up or recover CAS without soldering / welding
All keys Lost without soldering / welding

All keys lost without soldering / welding
Add keys without soldering / welding
Delete Keys without soldering / welding
Enable / Disable keys without soldering / welding
Read Key ID
Repair / Replace FEM Module without soldering / welding
Reset Mileage without soldering / welding

Read and Write ISN Code:
N20 (MEVD1724, MEVD172P, MEVD1729), N13 (MEVD1725, ), N55 (MEVD172, MEVD1726, MEVD172G, MEVD172S, MEVD17 ), MSV80, MSD81, MS085,
MSD85HY, MSD87, MSV90, MEVD1728 (s63), MEV1722, MED172, MEVD1727, DDE701,DC17C50, BMSX…

Add new:
Supports E Chassis
Read N62_ TUE2 DME ISN

ACDP MINI 35160 Module:
Read BMW ISN code
Read and write Fujitsu CPU MB91F dashboard of Honda Hyundai Kia etc
Read and write all the 8pin IC chips

ACDP MINI Refresh BMW key Module 
The Yanhua Mini ACDP BMW key renew module is used to renew keys for BMW E series and F series so that the key can be used again

Supports BMW FRM Footwell Module 0L15Y EEPROM FLASH Read / Write
Supports BMW FRM 3M25J EEPROM, D-FLASH, P-FLASH Read / Write

ACDP MINI FRM module (FRM Footwell module) :
1.Integrated data reading / writing, data conversion in one programmer;
2.no need to write other cars’ data;
3.no need to coding.
4.Simple and efficient.

Yanhua Mini ACDP Module 11 Clear EGS ISN Authorization with Adapters 
Functions includes as below:
EGS State
Clear ISN
Reset Adaptation
Backup Coding
Recover Coding


Alright, hope it helps!