Chrysler 200 Spare Key Add with WiTech or AlfaOBD

Have a 2011 Chrysler 200 S used with one of the original keys, I want to add one more spare key, I need to go to the dealer to have the key list reset? Because I don’t have 2 original keys.


3 options of 2011 Chrysler 200 S key add:

Unfortunately this is true, you need 2 working keys to program additional keys. A dealer is able to able to add keys using the WiTech diagnostic tool. This also requires a PIN which the dealer is able to get through the parts department. If you buy the blank key through the dealer they may program it for you for the price of the key ($150 or so dollars).



Witech Micropod2 can also program 2005 Chrysler 200 when All Keys Lost, here is the operation guide:

Insert the new key you want to program and turn the ignition cylinder to ON position. Currently Chryslers MicroPOD II is the only solution for all keys lost because its the only tool that will wake the BUS to begin the programming procedure for new keys. Lost key replaced on site using MVP Pro to pull pin and program a new smart key.


Another option is to purchase the appcar software beta which is able to pull the PIN and program additional keys. It will cost $50 for the software and $40 for the obd dongle/cable to connect to the car obd port and you will need to buy a blank key. Note, do not buy a refurbished key, new only, as the key is programmed to the wcm (wireless key module) of the car and cannot be reused/reprogrammed.

Appcar will work on all 200’s as noted on their website. The appcar software can retrieve the PIN so there no need to go to a dealer. It is quite easy to pull the PIN and immediately program the new keyfob.
Note that AlfaOBD will still require the purchase of a separate OBD dongle.


Another option is I have used alfaOBD for such. This should work on the car listed by the op also. Still will need pin from dealer, and yes new key. AlfaOBD is $50 and works with windows or android. I believe it works on all FCA, stelantis, etc from 2009 and up. At least for now. Not sure of course what will change with new ownership.


Alright, all of three WiTech diagnostic tool, appcar and alfaobd have their strengths and weaknesses.

As noted, it is your choice on how to proceed.