CG Pro 9S12 or Xhorse VVDI Prog Which One?

Here’re some useful tips to choose a “super programmer” if you are torn between the support of the xhorse vvdi prog and the capabilities of Cg Pro 9s12.

Vvdi Prog Vs Cgpro 9s12

VVDIProg price is down. They costs the same (US$450 free shipping).

Both are good programmers. All work well.  Good investment in both.

Both have CAS4 adapter without removing components (must buy separately)

Both can read and write M35080/wp (need extra adapter/chip)




CgPro chip and mcu list seems much bigger than that of Vvdi Prog.  CG-PRO seems to have been MUCH improved since when we first tried it a year ago.

CGprog can write key directly which VVDIprog cannot. CGPro can read and write key on BMW EWS2 EWS3 EWS4 CAS3/3+ CAS4/4+, Porsche BCM 1N35H, 2M25J, 5M48H.

Cgprog works great for bmw cas3++ and cas4 keys. You just read CAS and make key through dump no writing back and works fine you can do that just with cgprog its capable to write keys vvdi prog cant do that but with vvdi2 is great tool people use for fem keys and AKL reading modules and write transponders through dump files.

Xhorse vvdiprog is a great tool with solid quality, frequent free updates and good technical support. 

CG pro covers bmw instrument cluster 2016 onwards, vvdiprog does not.



To sum it up, both good working programmers. You need to invest in both and some other machine also more you invest more you have covered.