Launch X431 X-PROG vs. X-PROG3 Programmer

The optional Launch X431 “X-PROG” or “X-PROG3” is required for compatibility when the unit is related to the immobilizer.  What’s the difference between XRPGOG and XPROG3?


Item Launch X431 X-PROG

X431 Xprog

Launch X431 X-PROG3

X431 Xprog3

Read/Write EEPROM No Yes
Read/Write MCU No Yes
Mercedes Benz Keys No Yes
Key simulator No Yes
VW 4th IMMO Dump Mode All Keys Lost No Yes
Read engine in Bench mode No Yes
VW 4th IMMO enumeration all keys lost No Yes
Read gearbox data No Yes
Read and write keys Yes Yes
Read BMW engine ISN code No Yes
Replace OBD reading component Yes Yes
Read & Write BMW CAS4+ and FEM chips No Yes
Read engine in Boot mode No Yes
Read & Write Audi 5th generation steering column chips No Yes
Interface DB15 DB15,DB26
Input Power DC12V DC12V
Working current Max 200mA 500mA
Power consumption 2W 5W
Storage Temperature -20℃-70℃ -20℃-70℃
Working Temperature -10-50 0℃ 0-50℃
Size 142 x72 (mm) 228 x120 (mm)

To sum it up, X-PROG is the first generation X431 key programming adapter and X-PROG3 is the latest generation with extra chip function and more functions shown in the table above.

Both XPROG and XPROG3 are compatible with multi X431 diagnostic tablets, X431 V, V+, V Pro, Pro3, X431 Pro GT, X431 PAD III, PAD V, PAD VII.