How to Unlock a PCR2.1 eeprom with Kess V2 on Bench?

Problem: I try more times with KESS v2 clone to unlock a pcr2.1 eeprom in bench, I get an error with KESS when I select READING EEPROM and after display “start communication”.

The wires are OK and voltage is OK, KESS works fine.


These are the images of my connection:

Kess Unlock A Prc2 1 Eeprom 01

Kess Unlock A Prc2 1 Eeprom 02

Kess Unlock A Prc2 1 Eeprom 03

Experience for sharing and how-to guide:

Your connection looks ok…. this ecu need a big good one. an adapter +12V/3A works fine with Ktag and Kess.

then desolder eeprom and read it with programmer, you can find here the tool to unlock the prc2.1 eeprom, but beware, dont play with lock-unlock with this ecu, if you put again in car, can you get ID with kess? it is eeprom locked?


kess v2 (clone) should unlock eeprom fine, follow the kess instruction. I cant with ktag. with kess no problem.


a couple of months ago, I had try to unlock a prc2.1 in bench with ktag, it reads fine the eeprom but it couldn’t write it….then I used the kess, with kess could read unlock and write back the eeprom, and after I make DPF & EGR off by obd….. no problem….for curiosity, i tryed to unlock the original eeprom with program for pcr unlock, after i compare the two modified eeproms (from kess and from program) and is was identical….


if you follow exactly the instructions from ksuite manual, and you can’t connect with ecu, then maybe you must reinstall the ksuite program with some windows add on librarys, or your tool is not good and need to rework it….


Hope it helps!