Xentry Connect C5 and SDConnect C4/C5 Which to Buy?

Mercedes Benz MB Star diagnosis system Xentry Connect C5 and SD Connect C4/C5 which is better? Check user feedback below:

Xentry Connect C5 Vs Sdconnect C5

*The feedback was based on who has both xentry connect and sdconnect systems.

*C5  is actually another case in SD C4 (normal C4, not DoIP one).


SDConnect Pros:

simple to work interface

uses less obd 12v power


better internet speed while interface is connected

more flexible for playing with soft like dts or vediamo

compatible with latest software, SDconnect now works with 2021/06 (in June 2021).



SDConnect Cons:

software is on your laptop and if you are not tech savy there is a big possibility you delete something or your key stops working



Xentry Connect Goods:

almost all software is installed on interface’s ssd
less chance software is going to break or get virused



Xentry Connect Nagatives:

does not support new software, the last SW its from 2020/06

harder to work with when you are setting up everything at the beggining like license, updates etc., easy after everything is setup
uses more power from obd 12v
internet speed is slower when using this interface





If you have SD C4 DoIP it is better than XC (Xentry Connect). XC is so slow even after upgrade. If you have good PC, XDOS is much faster.  even though sdconnect interface is older than xentry connect, it is still supported even to 2021.06 version, while xentry connect xentry versions stopped at 2020.06.

XC don’t have problem with HHT, normal XDOS (win10 64bit) needs virtual machine etc.




MB SD C4 DoIP wifi

Adds heat sink to improve the heat dissipation effect of the host to make MB DOIP XC4 PLUS work more stably.

Mb Sd C4 Doip Pcb 1

Mb Sd C4 Doip Pcb 2


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