Autel IM508 with XP400 Pro same functions as IM608 Pro?

This article answer this common question: Does Autel Im508 with xp400 pro have the same functions as Autel Im608 with xp400 pro? Same features and diagnostics and immo ? And just size different?


Some people might think:

Autel IM508 + XP400 cost half of the price on IM608 are you think that can do the same?


In fact:

The immo functions are pretty much the same for key programming.


The difference is the diagnostic functions, im608 has far more diagnostic functions included, depends what you want the machine for, the extra cost and subscription cost is for the diagnostic functions. Diagnostic side on the im608 is really good and can almost be compared with the mk908p only the online programming for Mercedes and bmw is not on im608.
But the rest off the coding and programming is still possible on the im608. J2534 does not work with IM508.


IM608 ram bigger, screen bigger, 2more cores, camera, bigger battery.


And the annual subscription of Autel IM608 is double.


Look at the comparison table among Autel IM508, IM608, IM608 Pro

Im508 Vs Im608 Vs Im608 Pro 01


Look at the comparison table between Autel IM508 and IM608:



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