Can Lonsdor KH100+ Program Smart Key for 2021 Toyota Lexus Hybrid?

Question: does Lonsdor kh100+ support smart key programming for the 2021 Toyota Lexus Hybrid?

These are the car models I want to program:

Rav4 2020 model hybrid

Lexus NX300H

Lexus RX450H


And this is the image of key:

Toyota Smart Key 01



Yes, Lonsdor kh100+ can program the smart key for the above 2021 Toyota Lexus Hybrid models.


Watch video on how does Lonsdor KH100+ Program 2018 to 2021 Toyota All Smart Keys Lost

Good to know:

Lonsdor KH100+ and Lonsdor K518 can program Toyota Lexus 8A all key lost (till 2021).


This article includes the supported key types and operation guide: