Free Download BMW ICOM /Next Firmware 1.44

Available with BMW ICOM firmware update with latest ISTA, I’m posting here the images for both ICOM A2 and original Next firmware.
Upload via x.x.x.x:60080 url.

including ICOM A2 and ICOM Next

ICOM applicationImage 01.44.00

ICOM BootImage 01.28.00

Icom Firmware Update 01

Suitable ICOM A2: Item No. SP168-D


ICOM Next app 010108

ICOM Next rootfs 010106

Icom Next Firmware Update 02

Suitable ICOM Next: SP269-1, SP269-B1S, SP269-B, SP269-B1


How to update BMW ICOM firmware V1.44?


1.Download BMW ICOM V1.44 firmware update file

  1. Please connect BMW ICOM A2 with computer using internet cable, power ICOM by 12V power adapter or from 1x DLC
  2. Unzip ICOM FW v1.44 upgrade files.
  3. Open IE Internet Explorer, enter address if you update Perfect version BMW ICOM, log in with

username: root

password: NZY1150263 
PS: to upgrade common version ICOM A2 A1, browse  and the next steps are the same.

  1. Click “Update Firmware”, you will see ICOM firmware version information.


  1. Click “Browse” to select file “ICOM-BootImage-01-28-00.bin”, set image type as “SYSTEM”, click “Send the file”.
  2. When it pops up “Write the image file to the flash?”, click “Yes”, then ICOM indicator light will turn red.
  3. When it pops up “The SYSTEM IMAGE update was successful”, click “Update Firmware”.
  4. Choose “ICOM-ApplicationImage-01-44-00.bin”, set image type as “APPLICATION”, click “Send the file”, it will spend several minutes since the file is a little bit large.
  5. When it pops up “Write the image file to the flash?” click “Yes”, then the ICOM indicator light will turn red for the second times.
  6. When it finish upgrading, click “reboot”.
  7. Click “Home” – “Update Firmware”, you will find ICOM A2 firmware update to the newest version:
    Current SYSTEM IMAGE version: 01.28.00
    Current APPLICATION IMAGE version: 01.44.00


Additional Note:
Please be sure your computer is to obtain IP address automatically.


Have fun!