Read Clutch Life on Ferrari F430 with Autel AP200 & Launch X431

Have a Ferrari F430 to read clutch life, there isn’t an OBD reader that reads clutch life. OBD was designed for emissions testing. There are some diagnostics tools that plug in there (and other places) to read various things, including clutch parameters but these aren’t cheap OBD readers. You can do it with the Launch tool i.e Launch x431 Pros Mini.

The x431 Pros Mini will not only read the clutch but allow you to write a new PIS value, allow you to recalibrate the F1 actuator, bleed brakes by each corner, bleed F1 pump, and see other dealer-level functions.


Install is easy and works well on a $42 refurbished Fire8HD

Not to mention it comes with access to just about every other car manufacturer known to man kind.

X431 Pros Mini Clutch Life 00

Option 2. Autel AP200 is able to read clutch life for Ferrari F430

That should have been Autel AP200 .. I pretty sure based in what I have seen it will communicate with all the ecu ..

The little $50 Autel AP200 does indeed tell you the clutch wear percentage. Also includes the wear index, plus loads of other data. Might be interesting to some F1 folks out there.


I’ve saved it as a bunch of screen shots below, it shows the report you can generate. Autel AP200 is a cracking tool for the money.

(Looks like Ferrari Chat image compression isn’t on our side. Hopefully the above is just about legible. It really is a clear in the PDF the Autel app generates.)


Autel AP200 is pretty self explanatory.

– Download app;

– Create account;

– Pair your dongle with your account;

– Select which manufacturer you want as part of the unlimited free subscription (you just get one- other manufactures will cost £20/$20 per year)

– You’ll need to add a new app depending on which manufacturer you select- it will guide you on this.

– Plug dongle into car, turn ignition on (but not engine)

– Select the dongle from your bluetooth settings. Click “allow” when asked if the phone can share data with it.

– Open the main AP200 app, click on Ferrari > 430 > Marelli Gearbox ECU > Live Data

– Scroll to the bottom- be patient whilst all the data loads up.

– When its all there, click the button at the top to save the report.

– You can access the report by going back to the main menu and selecting your profile (this bit is a bit non-intuitive I thought actually).


Then do an auto-scan and see what weird and wonderful codes have been stored on the various modules in your car without you ever knowing.

Ap200 Clutch Life 01

Ap200 Clutch Life 02

Ap200 Clutch Life 03

Ap200 Clutch Life 04


Alright, both Launch x431 Pros Mini and Autel AP200 can read clutch life on Ferrari F430, Autel AP200 price is much reasonable and car specific, x431 Pros Mini is all-system all-make diagnostic tool and much more expensive.