Register Renault Laguna2 Key Card by Cheap Renolink 1.87 Clone

I have successfully registered several key/cards on older Renault using the cheap RenOlink 1.87 clone interface.

Register Laguna 2 key card success

Register keys for RENAULT DUSTER 2

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programe key dacia duster 2012 success

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Not a perfect device, but paid itself already.


The procedure goes the same, here is an example of Laguna2.

Renolink Laguna2 Key 1

Original key card

Renolink Laguna2 Key 2

new key card to be programmed

Renolink Laguna2 Key 3

Connect renolink cable with vehicle and laptop

Renolink Laguna2 Key 4

insert new key card into card slot
in Renaolinl 1.87 software

Renolink Laguna2 Key 5
Select Extra-> Key

Renolink Laguna2 Key 6

I first chose the Laguna2 ph2, with 5 attempts it turned out failed.  I did it with UCH Laguna2, Velsatis

Renolink Laguna2 Key 7

Renolink Laguna2 Key 8

Read PIN no problem

Renolink Laguna2 Key 9

Then press Connect and Start learning.

If fail to learn key, try several times.

Renolink Laguna2 Key 10

Register new key card success.

Renolink Laguna2 Key 11

The new key card works no problem.


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