Ktag Kess V2 Clone Read Bosch EDC17CP45 EDC17CP41 Success


BMW e series(X5 or X6) bosch edc17cp45/edc17cp41 ecu reading, tried Ktag 5.017 eu hq can’t read on bench, Chinese kess v2 5.017 also can’t, ktag 7.020 via tricore also can’t, checked connection 10 times they are ok. I tried start a car multiple times and all is ok, car starts.

this ecu does not require GPT like F series, so i used protocol 221 for DDE8.

Also tried use protocol 666/667 with GPT, also can’t read it.

Kess gives me communication line not present or corrupted and ktag gives check connection error.


Finally, Solved!

Ktag worked smooth, resistor made the trick.

1000 ohm 0.25W resistor on boot pin. It is EDC17CP45 BMW 6Cyl ecu,need to flip PCB because of boot pin on backside.


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