Fixed! BMW ISTA+ 4.28 Not Recognize GODIAG V600 BMW

Yesterday I got my GODIAG V600 BMW scanner together with the HDD software (ISTA+ 4.28). The question is why can’t I be connected to the internet. If this software can’t have this connection because it will break haw can I update this software?

One more thing, if I have to register your tool and I can’t turn on internet how do I do it. Your HDD has window 7 an my laptop also had windows7 I think it shouldn’t be a problem. Please help me. Thank You

Godiag V600 Remote Assistance 01

Finally, it is working, and I can connect v600 with this bmw software to test. Big thanks to engineer who open teamviewer remotely to help me.


He assisted me all before I go ahead to connect to the car including activating the software that I do not need to activate again.


Here are two tips that I share with you:

  1. For the product key on the paper (shown as below), This is the registration password of v600, not the activation of bmw software.

Godiag V600 Remote Assistance 02

Godiag V600 Remote Assistance 03

  1. Do not need the VMware network.


  1. engineer concludes one sheet of Godiag-v600 user manual including login, upgrade, join the wireless network, configure AP hotspots, license, account management etc.


Have fun!