When Do I Need A GODIAG BMW CAS4 CAS4+ Test Platform?

We can program key for BMW CAS4 system in 2 methods: one is to preprocess the CAS by OBD and then to program without disassembly, and the other is to disassemble the CAS and use the Xhorse VVDI Prog programmer to read the data and then to generate the key via dump file. What is the role of GODIAG CAS4 CAS4+ Test Platform?

Cas4 Test Platform 01


First of all, if you don’t want to weld CAS and via OBD for preprocessing, please ensure the vehicle has stable power supply voltage. For vehicles with poor battery performance or the older vehicles, they must be connected to the programmable power supply. If they remove the CAS module and connect it to the CAS4 test platform, then there is no in high demand for the power supply, because the programming is only performed on CAS4, and other computers and electrical appliances on the vehicle will not be consumed too much, and the operation is relatively safe.

Cas4 Test Platform 02

Image 2: connected with GODIAG CAS4 CAS4+ Test Platform.  

Cas4 Test Platform 03


In addition, the CAS4 test platform can detect the working status of the key. If there is a problem with the vehicle, and it cannot be judged whether it is the cable problem on the car or the CAS4 problem. CAS4 module can be connected with the test platform. If the CAS4 works normally on bench but cannot work in the car, it can be judged that CAS4 is no problem, otherwise if CAS4 can’t work on bench, you can directly repair CAS4.


Godiag CAS4+ test platform can directly check the working status of CAS4, whether it is programming keys or programming the mileage, the job can be done on bench without the vehicle. There is no need to repeat the operation of plugging and unplugging the computer in the car. It is very convenient for those who will assist others in repairing and programming, or those who do their job.


Watch video: Xhorse key Tool plus and Godiag CAS4 test platform add CAS4 key on bench

Cas4 Test Platform 04 Cas4 Test Platform 05


Hope it helps!