Clone BMW MG1 with AT200, Hextag or Yanhua ACDP?

What is the best tool to clone BMW ECU MG1 and MD1 and How to do? provides top solutions on this.



1. CG AT200

At200 needs a special cable to read those ECU on bench.
 at200 bench read flash and eeprom works great with the adapter.
Connection is easy no soldering. AT-200 software will show the detail operation guide.
At200 Read Mg1 1 At200 Read Mg1 2 At200 Read Mg1 3
The special cable can read/write ISN from MG1CS003, MG1CS024 and MG1CS201.
The adapter set also comes with other bench adapters for MSV90, N20, 6HP&8HP, Benz  SIM 271KE and SIM 271DE cloning.
MG1 Clone no problem with ACDP Mini. Quick and safe no soldering.

Here is the related ACDP BMW ECU MG1 and MD1 type list.

F chassis:

B37 (MD1CS001)

B38 (MD1CS001)

B48 (MG1CS003)

B48 (MG1CS201)

B58 (MG1CS003)

S63 (MG1CS201)

Acdp Clone Bmw Ecu Mg1 Md1 4

Acdp Clone Bmw Ecu Mg1 Md1 2 (1)

G chassis:

B46 (MG1CS201)

B47 (MD1CP002)

B47 (MD1CS001)

B48 (MG1CS003)

B48 (MG1CS201)

B57 (MD1CP002)

B58 (MG1CS003)

B58 (MG1CS201)

N63 (MG1CS201)

N74 (MG1CS003)

N74 (MG1CS201)

Acdp Clone Bmw Ecu Mg1 Md1 3

R chassis:

B37 (MD1CS001)

B48 (MG1CS201)

Acdp Clone Bmw Ecu Mg1 Md1 4

Guide to clone BMW ECU MG1 MD1 with Yanhua Mini ACDP:

You should use Mini ACDP programmer+ ACDP ECU clone software + the corresponding Integrated Interface Board.

For BMW B37/B47/N47/N57 Diesel Engine Computer ISN Read/Write and Clone, you can buy ACDP BMW X1/X2/X3 Bench Interface Board.
For B48/B58 ISN Reading and Clone via Bench Mode, you can buy Yanhua ACDP BMW B48/B58 Bench Interface Board.
For N13/N20/N63/S63/N55/B38 DME ISN read and write, you can buy N13/N20/N63/S63/N55/B38 DME Interface Board.


Step 1: Prepare ACDP, OBP+ ICP adapter, interface board and DME

Step 2: Connect the interface board correctly to the DME interface

Step 3: Short the CAN resistor on the OBP+ICP adapter to the “CAN-R Join”

Step 4: Connect ACDP, OBP+ ICP adapter, interface board and DME

Acdp Clone Bmw Ecu Mg1 Md1 5

Step 5: Enter Mini ACDP APP
Select BMW-> ECU Clone-> Select the corresponding ECU module

Acdp Clone Bmw Ecu Mg1 Md1 6

Step 6: Read /write EEPROM
Step 7: Read/Write PFLASH

Acdp Clone Bmw Ecu Mg1 Md1 7


3. Hextag 

Main steps:

1.Backup original ECU data

2.Backup donor ECU data

3. Clone ECU


Check detail guide on previous post:

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