GODIAG GT100+ GT100 Pro vs. GT100 Breakout Box

GODIAG GT100+ GT100 PRO ECU breakout box ECU Bench Connector is shiningly born with 3 more functions than GODIAG GT100. And it is available with European, American and British regulations. Correspondingly, the price will be 20 dollars more expensive.


Look at the new GT100+ OBDII Breakout box:

Godiag Gt100 Plus Vs Gt100 01

GODIAG GT100+ vs. GT100

Gt100 Pro Vs Gt100


1.GT100+ adds Electronic Current Display.

On bench connect the ECU module by using the banana connector or db25 dedicated ECU adapter, Godiag GT100+ will display the electronic current.


The advantage to display electronic current value:

The user can intuitively see the current status of the ECU. There is no current display or the actual displayed current is inconsistent with the engineer’s expected current, then you can immediately check whether the wiring is wrong, if the wiring is correct, he can judge that the ECU may be broken, so there is no need to perform diagnostic communication and can directly repair the ECU.


If it shows too much current, then you can also determine if the cable is incorrectly connected or the ECU is broken.


2. GT100+ Adds CANBUS Protocol Communication 

GT100+ Pin 1, 9, 3, 11 12, 13, 8 [corresponding to the yellow banana connector on the machine], these non-standard obd2 protocol interface may display CAN BUS or K-Line communication protocol. GT100 can only display K-Line Pwm Vpw+ KWP 2000 protocol. GT100+ will display CANBUS K-Line Pwm Vpw+ KWP 2000 protocol communication.


3. Reset instrument/immobilizer when all keys lost

When you want to program key for VW, Porsche, Mitsubishi and nother cars with all keys lost, or to program Toyota ECU, you need to activate the dashboard (reset instrument) or wake up the immobilizer module first. Then you can operate directly by using GT100 GT100+.


a. For Porsche and VAG 4th generation / 5th generation keys (for example new A6L Touareg A4 Q5 A7), please use GT100+ to short-circuit banana connector PIN 16—-PIN 1 to lit up the dashboard, after that use the key programming tool to connect with the female adapter of GT100+ for data collection. Some vehicle dashboards won’t be lit up, but data can also be collected, for example: A6L Q7.

Vvdi2 Gt100 Porsche Akl

b. To replace the engine ECU of Toyota or to use some key programmer to program Toyota when all keys lost, it requires to short-circuit PIN13-PIN4

Godiag Gt100 Plus Vs Gt100 03


c. To program Mitsubishi key with all keys lost or to set OBDII when all remote keys lost, please short-circuit PIN1-PIN4.

Godiag Gt100 Plus Vs Gt100 04


For other performance what Godiag GT100+ ECU Bench connector can do, it is as the same as Godiag GT100.