Autel MaxiIM vs. Xtool X100 PAD3 vs. OBDSTAR vs. Xhorse Key Tool Plus

Obdstar, Autel MaxiIM IM608/IM508, Xtool X100 PAD3 or xhorse vvdi key tool plus pad? Toying among them!




Autel MaxiIM IM608/IM508:

Without a doubt, Autel MaxiIM is must buy device for locksmith.


  • IM608 is excellent on diagnostic side 99% same on dealer scan tool
  • program a other units like ELV, dashboard, EZS, Skin, ECU.
  • Good IMMO coverage. 
  • Autel technical support is outstanding.
  • deliver and the updates will never stop.  Problem will be solved on next updates


IM508 + XP400/X400Pro same immo coverage like IM608/IM608 pro , including benz and far more cheap update fee compare to IM608 .

For immobilizer purpose, the best choice would be Autel IM508+XP400Pro+APB112+GBOX

You need to buy the XP400 pro with the IM508 to be able to do everything, key programming wise, that the IM608 does. They’ll both do the exact same key programming. The only difference will be the diagnostic side. IM608 has superior diagnosis in certain areas. But if you need basic diag, then choose the IM508 with XP400 pro. Along with APB112 and GBox 2. Plus yearly update is cheaper for IM508.

Check the bundle kit benefit here:

Why Bundle Kit Autel MaxiIM IM608 + APB112 + G-BOX2?


Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Plus PAD (KTP):

VVDI can do more, for certain cars like Asian , Korean and US Domestic it seems and does better on VAG and Mercedes Benz range, you also have the benefit of using Xhorse keys which seem to be the remotes of choice. It also has so many updates when it came to the expanded functionalities. 

Key tool plus a tool with a lot of potential, not fully developed yet.

Although it falls short of what xhorse claims, but we know that when buying it, went thru the same thing with key tool max when it came out, now it’s a pretty good tool.
The menu is laid out differently then what we are used to, but once you learn your way around the tool it is alot easier.
A few things we have noticed that it does better then the autel im608 is pin code reading, with key tool plus when we go to read the pincode it pulls the pin code pretty darn fast, the im608 takes several minutes and many times you have to try to pull pin several times before it will pull the pin.
Also noticed on a few ford’s that we have done that when it went for the 10 min security access procedure alot of times it will bypass that and learn keys.
So far we like the key tool plus, as long as they continue with the updates to solve the issues this tool will be a great tool to have. The Key Tool Plus has a lot of room for updates and improvement. Xhorse do update it pretty much every other day, which we’re happy to see.

We ultimately think xhorse pad will become an excellent and well rounded tool. We also have an IM608 with all the expansions as well. Both cover pretty much all the bases, but we think the KTP will be more effective with VAG vehicles. 




OBDSTAR X300 DP Plus/Key Master DP Plus:

OBDSTAR should be the first choice for beginners based on price and coverage.

Work well on Toyota Renault Fiat Hyundai/Kia, GM brands that are not easy to work with another tool.

Works great for USA cars can pull pincodes from chevy dodge etc

Tested well on Japanese car and Europe cars

comes with external plug in programmer like Autel.

Autel is very hit and miss with Opel/Vauxhall, sometimes has issue getting pin code when all keys are lost.

Obdstar is perfect with opel 2010-2019. Obdstar vs Autel 1:0 this time.

Autel read very slow Immo data on newer Fiat and some fail to make dealer key (i.e Tipo 2017),  Obdstar very fast and made dealer key no problem.

it’s excellent value for money

Autel won’t do 450 smart. Have to choose other tool. 451 is working. Doing them with x300 dp obdstar. Never failed. It’s doing 450, 451, 454 without problems.



Xtool X100 PAD3 (X100 Pad Elite):

the mileage correction is nice

covers better vag immo 3.5 and 4. Mqb both.

it can do other stuff that obdstar/xhorse device won’t:  oil reset, TPMS, EPB, TPS, BMS, SAS, DPF, Seat match, etc

hard to reach technical support comparing Autel/Xhorse/OBDSTAR

Has Toyota emulators for AKL via OBD

The KC501 have BMW and Mercedes IMMO possibilities. But fall behind Autel and Xhorse.

Xtool is a good and solid tool for vehicles from 2006 to 2014
And the only tool capable to pull security Chrysler type 1 and 2 pin from immobilized eeprom



In Sum:

ll tools fall short of perfection, the better tools are continually updating to improve the unit. It may have more to do with the type of vehicles make up the majority of your customers.

OBDSTAR and Xtool are entry level devices. Autel MaxiIM and Key Tool Plus are professional level programmers. 

IM608PRO >im608>im508>key tool plus at present
but KEY TOOL PLUS will have more functions free update in the future , so the key tool plus still a good choose, IM608 or IM508 update costs too much.
Xhorse device usually free update all the time .

You can buy a Autel MaxiIM and other device as backups. Autel is a good tool, no one tool is the best. Like a tool box there are several devices needed to complete tasks.