Solved! Launch X431 V+ Missing DBScar Bluetooth Adapter?


I receive the Launch x431 v+ package. But it is incomplete.  I don’t find the DBSCar connector. This pieces is not in the package. Why missing this pieces?



The 2020 or above Launch X431 V+ has improved hardware with built-in DBscar (5) Bluetooth adapter in case of losing the adapter.

You can take out the adapter if you wish.

Launch X431 V Dbscar Adapter 1

Launch X431 V Dbscar Adapter 2 Launch X431 V Dbscar Adapter 3 Launch X431 V Dbscar Adapter 4

How to customize the DBScar connector:
1. Serial number and user name of your device
2. Please provide picture of your x-431 device,we need to check very carefully to make sure serial number is correct
Information above is necessary for us after you make the order.


How to use the new DBScar connector:
1. Check the new serial number in the DBScar connector,then check whether the serial number changed in your account or not first. If not,pls contact us immediately for help
2. Update your device online,then it can be used well.