Land Rover Scan Tool Nanocom, Hawkeye or Other OBD2


I’m going to invest in 1 of the tools and so want to invest in the one that can do most, trying to find any useful information. It wont be the cost that defines my purchase but the practicality of the device.




1.Nanocom EVO


  • full coverage: Defender, Defender (Puma), Discovery 2, Range Rover P38a.
  • program new keys/used key fobs
  • flash computer firmwares, modify CCF, code new parts to the car, etc
  • set SLS ride height.
  • Updates are downloadable from web and can be installed using a standard USB cable.
  • can save ECU configuration data to file, allowing backup of settings.
  • can write realtime data from ECU’s to file for later analysis.
  • is a scantool & a programmer.
  •  programs the BCU, adaptive settings easily.


  • more expensive with the additional license activation.
  • cumbersome download process
  • expensive
  • But if you have a DI and a DII you will have to buy two licenses to work on D2..One Nanocom will not work for both DI and DII (you can set one nanocom to work on all vehicles which have an available unlock code for sale)


Hawkeye Total


  • the only choice for a V8 DII.
  • has coverage for a larger number of vehicles than the Nanocom Evo
  • Covers: Defender, Defender (Puma), Discovery 1, 2, 3 & 4, Freelander 1 & 2, Range Rover Classic, P38a & L322.



  • not smarter at all than
  • more expensive and needs additional dongles too
  • Will need a dedicated cable costing over £70 to do the air suspension as well as the standard cable
  • cannot program keys
  • updates need to be requested on CD and require an additional cable purchase.





  • quick and easy
  • A cheaper version which covers all LR’s and has quite good coverage for D2 and RRS
  • very smart for it’s price
  • a multivehicle tool for all Land Rovers/Jaguars
  • pull codes, view live data, reset adaptations perfectly
  • good coverage for all the systems including suspension, BCU, ABS, key programming and more go for the “NT510 Land rover” scroll down to page 31 to see the special function list




  • can’t do so many things like nanocom but way more than a generic scanner
  • can’t rewrite firmware or program keys or any of that cool stuff.



GAP tool


full coverage

have a better user interface

can change the CCF files



GAP tool will not work on a D2 only D3/RRS or beyond





good coverage

a bit cheaper



not no smart



In sum:

Choose a best Land rover OBD2 scan tool Nanocom Evolutuion > Gap IIDTool > Hawkeye Total > NT510/NT520 in that order