GM Scan Tool that will do Relearns or Flashing

Is there a decent GM scan tool that will do relearns or flashing? I’m more specifically worried about individual system modules (fuel, transfer case, body, etc…) rather than the ECM. And soon I’m doing the brake lines on my Silverado (the “dealer” repair was compression fittings ) and I’m gonna have to do the ABS autobleed. My vehicles are 2000, 2001 and 2002, so I’m not too worried about being “Up to current MY” inventory, but something upgradeable would be nice, but not necessary. Of course yes, let’s read the experienced users’ reviews.


No. 1 GM Tech2 scanner

Decent Gm Scan Tool Relearns Flashing 01


Diagnosis: From 1991 to 2013

Programming: Year 2007 year (with Tis2000 Software)



– I bought one of the Tech 2 clones from China, and it works great.


– I’d get a T2 clone and an MDI2 clone. There are things that I can’t do even with my T2 as as a pass thru with ACDelco TDS. The standalone T2 is good for diagnostic work without the burden of fumblefarting around with cables and a laptop etc.


– My $230 Tech 2 Chinese clone has been nothing but awesome for several years.

BTW that Bosch/Vertronix Tech 2 technology is a few decades old. They spit out a boat load of Apple watches overthere before we get out of bed each day…a Tech 2 is like 486 / Pentium level technology.
If you need MDI (2010) then go there….


– Quote: “soon I’m doing the brake lines on my Silverado (the “dealer” repair was compression fittings ) and I’m gonna have to do the ABS autobleed.” Unless somehow you run air through the ABS pump, I can’t see why you would need to autobleed. I’ve changed the fluid and replaced calipers and hoses on GM trucks and never had to do that, but assume any clone T2 would be able to.


– The Chinese knockoffs are actually pretty good.
While the Tech 2 is ancient…..It’s still a good handheld scan tool up to 2013MY.


Read related article: USA Cars (GM, Ford, Chrysler) PCM Flash Reprogramming Instruction. (It will use GM Tech2 scan tool)



Decent Gm Scan Tool Relearns Flashing 02


Diagnosis: all Vauxhall /Opel 16 pin vehicles from 1996 to 2017


Programming GM: Yes

Don’t forget that in addition to the correct tool, you’ll need a subscription to GM SI to reflash any module.


GDS2+MDI has been the GM scan tool since ~2010MY and the GM flashing tool since 2007.


No. 3 Autel MS906BT

Decent Gm Scan Tool Relearns Flashing 03


Done some total brake line replacements on Chevy/GMC trucks, just bleed manually by myself, no issues. I just upgraded my scan tool to an Autel MS906BT and I have to say I’m very impressed. Suppose to do things like your transfer case module, air bag modules, codes keys etc.

Autel MS906BT is a nice tool, Make sure if you buy, it is the “BT” version and not the cheaper MS906. You should be able to get a new one under $1200.


  1. 4 Autel MS908

Decent Gm Scan Tool Relearns Flashing 04


I have been using an Autel MS908, which covers the GM OEM tool, with the exception of pass-through programming. I believe the 908P (pro) does have that capability.


  1. Launch X-431 V

Launch X431 V 8 Inch


There is also the Launch X-431 pro which works really well. And you can do other makes, access different modules, etc.

Just depends how much you want to spend.

The Tech2 clones work really well too.