Free download SDP3 2.46.3 Scania Diagnos & Programmer 3

New update sdp3 2.46.3 Scania Diagnos & Programmer 3, here I’d like to supply the free download source:

password: cimi

Type:     Software application

Language:     English

Release date:       2021-02-09 13:56

Compatible: SCANIA VCI-2 and VCI-3 adapters

OS: Windows 7 32 bit and  64 bit, Windows 8/8.1 32 bit and 64 bit, Windows 10 32 bit and 64 bit   For best and quick results use fresh installed Windows!

Workable vehicles: It can support Scania trucks and buses till year 2020. Software Version 2.46.3 replaces version 2.46.2 of Scania Diagnosis & Programmer 3.


Activation:  No any limitations.


sdp3 2.46.3 installation tips:

Need Netframework 4.6 or up version installed on system.(After installation,need restart your pc)
In order to install SDP3, administrator rights are required.

Scania Sdp3 2 46 3 01


sdp3 2.46.3 New general features :

No major new general features in the issue.

New system-specific features


Component E1005 voltage converter 

Component E1005 voltage converter is a new component for all trucks in L, P, G, R and S series, where the customer has selected a voltage converter (24 V-12 V, 30 A) instead of an equaliser.

The component is located under Electrical system > CMS.


New parameter for gas vehicles 

A new parameter has been created for gas vehicles in the engine management system (EMS), dynamic idling. The parameter enables activation or deactivation of dynamic idling.

The parameter can be found under Electrical system > Engine system > EMO2 > Adjustment.


New wizard for field test of troubleshooting tool 

There is a new wizard for EEC3 and AMS1. The wizard has been introduced for field testing of troubleshooting tool 2907923. The tool should facilitate troubleshooting of the liquid part of the SCR system and has been developed in FQ328198. The test can be used to control the pump and pressurise the SCR system.

The wizard can be found under Functions > Check > Powertrain > Emission control > SCR system.

Please read through the instructions even if you have not received any tool and provide any feedback in FQ328198.


New tab in SDP3 

A new tab has been created in SDP3. This tab is empty at the moment, but it will be filled in the spring of 2021. The purpose of future content in the tab is to clarify which updates are necessary when the text Check and perform software updates appears in connection with maintenance.

The tab can be found under Product update > Packaged.

The tab is available to all users of SDP3 in all applications, but there is no great need to use this in industry and the marine sector.


Component C14, update of information 

Component C14 harness-to-harness connector for all trucks in L, P, G, R and S series has updated text and illustrations.

The component can be found under electrical system: DCS1/ ICL3, INL2 and ALM1.


Scania SDP3 Capabilities:

Check and adjustments
Fault Codes
Fault Reporting
Programming of Control units


Able to resolve trouble codes to text description for the following types:
EMS (S6, S7, S8).


There are some interesting options:
AdBlue ON/OFF.
Chassis ID/VIN Change.
Immobilizer ON/OFF.
Truck Power INCREASE.
ECU Recovery.
ECU Reset.
ECU Unlock.


Scania SDP3 Compatible Systems:

EMS – Engine management system.
GMS – Gearbox management system.
RET – Retarder system.
AWD – All wheel drive system.
CLS – Clutch Control.
EEC – Exhaust Emission Control.
COO (COO7) – Coordinator.
BWS (BCI1) – Bodywork system.


Scania Sdp3 2 46 3 02

Scania Sdp3 2 46 3 03

Scania Sdp3 2 46 3 04

Good to know:

You are responsible for any risk when trying to update sdp3 2.46.3 for SCANIA VCI-2 and VCI-3 adapters, because the above source is from a partial of users, engineer already tested SDP3 2.46.1 working fine and plan to test 2.46.3 soon.