Mercedes Benz 2014 E 2020 GLS Scanner Investment

Have Mercedes Benz 2014 E and 2020 GLS, planning to invest one proper diagnostic scanner to pull out the fault code because I strongly suspect driver’s seat seatbelt latch. Which Benz scanner get that granular with its data to point to where the code is originating from.


  1. ICarsoft MB2 review

I also have two Benz’s and I like the ICarsoft MB2. it has more capability than a generic scanner and covers everything I could fix myself and works as a generic OBD2 reader. you can add chips specific to other cars, and it’s priced at around 150 dollars.

Xentry is obviously better and there are more professional scanners that can read more codes on more cars, but they are usually twice as much, I found the Icarsoft to be the happy medium .


  1. Launch X431 V+ review

In the shop I have a Launch X431 V+ tablet scanner that does (so far) everything that xentry does AND it covers pretty much every other auto maker out there. Hasn’t let me down yet. Cost about $1K new, includes 2 years of updates. I’ve used it to repair my Chevy airbags, fueling issues on the wife’s jeep, my W211 and have coded some features into and out of my new-to-me W212.


I haven’t run into anything on the Benz/Chevy/Jeep it can’t do. I haven’t any experience with STAR/Xentry, but I get the sense that it takes a bit different route to get where you want to go but it gets there.


So far, I’ve turned off the seatbelt warning chime and disabled the function that moves the front passenger seat forward and upright when the rear seat back is folded down. Since my car doesn’t have the ECO on/off, I haven’t looked to see if it can flip that bit. I don’t doubt that if it can be done via Xentry, it can be done with the Launch. From the product description and from looking around in its database I know it’ll teach the car about new parts like SBC brake modules (on the W211), airmatic shocks, steering angle sensors, new batteries, etc.


Mercedes Benz 2014 E 2020 Gls Scanner 02



  1. Xentry review

“Coding” can really only be done via MB Star SD Connect C4 Xentry online or Vediamo on W212 and newer chassis’. There are “settings” that can be set offline in Xentry or certain generic scan tools. Settings like: parktronic beep tone and volume, automatic headrest preset, front seat position when folding rear seats, enable/disable TPMS, etc…

HOWEVER, most of us with Xentry are using a “clone SDS (MB Star diagnostic system)” and recent events at MB have made it difficult to be able to use the online functionality. That online functionality is required for many module replacements, software updates and SCN coding.


but you can use Vediamo or pay someone to “login”. Otherwise, all diagnostic functions are done “offline” in Xentry.

As far a the ECO start/stop, I don’t know as I’ve never looked for it as neither of our W212s have it. Maybe its there, maybe not. I bet it can be done in Vediamo, which is MBs engineering software for coding and its not the most user friendly and can leave a module “bricked” if done incorrectly.



I was playing around with Xentry on a ’18 E400… ECO start/stop parameters are in the ECU, front SAM and rear SAM. However none have manual settings to enable/disable the feature I could see. This conforms [not possible via Xentry] to what I’ve been told by a friend [tech] working for MB USA.

One interesting thing I saw in the manual settings for the front SAM, which included: headlight cleaning, trunk illumination, and a few others was they were password protected. Similar in fashion to SCN or software updates, where Xentry connects online for access and variant coding. The language was like: request your local Mercedes…. for special password.


Mercedes Benz 2014 E 2020 Gls Scanner 01

Image name: sdconnect c4 plus DoIP with Xentry software


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