How to Activate Thinkdiag with Full Car Brands?

Thinkcar Thinkdiag can be activated with PRO Software for full car brands with special functions.



What’s included of THINKDIAG full software pack?

-Full car brands. All manufacturer software for free

-All special functions unlocked, ECU coding, Bi-directional testing and adaptations.  




How to to activate thinkdiag to full brands?

Way 1:

Purchase  Thinkdiag All Car Brands Activation License

Provide your Thinkdiag adapter serial number to customer service.

After purchase the license, to go ThinkStore app, click T-Code Software function icon, enter TCode and press Exchange Code to activate the license by yourself.

Upate Thinkdiag By Yourself 1 Upate Thinkdiag By Yourself 2


Way 2:

 The official website ThinkDiag offers a good price for activation of all car brands.

The official website offers all car brands (115 PCE) for 199$ including reset of service intervals (16 PCE) with 2-year updates.

Download latest Thinkdiag App
Go to ThinkStore, press yellow icon
Select All manufacturer software 2 years & All reset software 2 years (Free update) pack, Press Next
Fill in payment information
Purchase license
Now enjoy thinkdiag with all car software.

Activate Thinkdiag With Full Brands 1 Activate Thinkdiag With Full Brands 4



Activation of Thinkdiag is possible for all car brands. The full package of car brands is available with 2 year of updates. After two years, you can renew your subscription or use those car brands that were downloaded at the last moment. In case you do not plan to renew your subscription, keep a folder with the car brands. Then, if your tablet is lost or broken, you can transfer all data to another Android device without buying a subscription.

Activation of all brands is only available for Android. Users of iOS devices can use the official Thinkdiag software. Truck activation is also available with annual updates. To activate Thinkdiag, you should first check the adapter for proper functionality.


*Activation of ThinkDiag on your own is impossible. The only way out is to disassemble the adapter and change the chip.




Is it worth buying full activation?


You can buy Thinkdiag with 2 free car brands. After one year, you will have to pay for software renewal. The renewal of the car brand is USD 39.95, the renewal of resets is USD 49.95. 

All car brands can be opened with 2 year of renewals. Trucks are also available which can be connected via a 24 V amplifier.

To use the scanner with all car brands, there is Launch (X431 V, X431 V+) still available. In other cases, when the scanner is purchased for personal needs for 1-2 cars, you can consider Thinkdiag obd2 scanner.

Thinkdiag Full Brands 1Thinkdiag Full Brands 2Thinkdiag Full Brands 3Thinkdiag Full Brands 4

Q: app download link thank you

A: ThinkDiag App Free Download:
Q: Thinkdiag can do Injector coding Hyundai and Kia?
A:  Yes, it can.
Q: Do you recommend the original thinkdiag software?
A: new device work with only original software because of lock Main chip.  if you have old device then you can activate on diagzone.
Q: Thinkdiag or easydiag what should i buy?
A:  thinkdiag new, easydiag old.  but in future thinkdiag price high for activation.
Q:which is the most affordable scanner I can purchase to get the full activation.
A: Depends. thinkdiag you can buy.
Q: key coding function work?
A: Yes, but not for all cars.