SVCI J2534 Ford J1850 PWM Module Reprogramming: Confirmed!!! received new feedback from customer:  ” I can set reprogramming voltage to 18V on PIN 13 and do reprogramming for a Ford J1850 PWM vehicle using the SVCI J2534 passthru adapter.  This is just as expected. ”


So is it worth buying the j2534 cable?

What’s good of svci j2534?

  • Works with bunch of manufacturer’s software, like Ford’s IDS, Mazda IDS, FDRS, Toyota TIS, JLR SDD, ELMconfig, Forscan etc.
  •  Works with official latest ids software
  • Online software & firmware update
  •  Installation is very easy with the included loader
  • Cheap


What’s bad of svci j2534?

  • Sometimes it is instable and sometimes disconnect from car.
  •  It will not program older vehicles (seemed has been fixed in new upgrade).  vcm2 is better for the older ones.

In sum, this device pays for itself.



FLY Technician has solved the J1850 PWM protocol module programming bugs. So it will reprogram J1850 modules without issue.


What you need: 

SVCI J2534 diagnostic interface

Ford IDS software and QuickLoader

PCM  module to be installed


Free download Ford IDS V120.01 and IDS QuickLoader


Tips on software installation:

1. Install latest ids 120
2. Install ids_vci
3. Install SVCI-J2534-Ford-Quickloader
4. Insert svci2534 to your car obd2 port
5. Run icon SVCI-J2534-Ford-Quickloader (internet connection should be ON)

All of those installer packages you can find in download section from flyobd website (check download link above.)


Here is a demo guide on SVCI J2534 J1850 PWM module programming:

Test module information

Model: Escort
Part number: F8CF-12A650-CE
Year: 1998
Module: ECU
Protocol: J1850 PWM
Test target: Module programming


Note:  Must update firmware to 001.031 version or above version.

Connect svci j2534 interface with vehicle

Make sure the communication indicator of svci flashes

Svci J2534 Ford J1850 Module Programming 1

Start Ford IDS QuickLoader on desktop, it will ask for Firmware Update
Update upgrade firmware to 001.031

Svci J2534 Ford J1850 Module Programming 2
Run IDSQuickLoader again, you will see current software and firmware version
Run IDS V120.01

Svci J2534 Ford J1850 Module Programming 3
Start New Session->All other, press Tick icon

Svci J2534 Ford J1850 Module Programming 4
Identify vehicle information and confirm by press YES

Svci J2534 Ford J1850 Module Programming 5
Read VIN
Select Module Programming->Programmable Module Installation->PCM

Svci J2534 Ford J1850 Module Programming 6

Svci J2534 Ford J1850 Module Programming 7
Set ignition switch to OFF (Position 0)

Svci J2534 Ford J1850 Module Programming 8
Install a new module in vehicle
Note: Do not start a reprogramming session with a low battery in the vehicle and programming tool.
The fuel pump and the engine cooling fan(s) may run during the following procedure.
If you are programming a 6.0L diesel, the FICM relay must be removed before programming
Set ignition switch to ON

Downloading data for PCM reprogramming until complete

Svci J2534 Ford J1850 Module Programming 9

Svci J2534 Ford J1850 Module Programming 10
Set ignition switch to OFF
Turn ON ignition switch again
Turn OFF ignition switch

Svci J2534 Ford J1850 Module Programming 11
Calibration has been loaded and checked

Svci J2534 Ford J1850 Module Programming 12
If required, obtain a PCM reprogramming label and complete with the following data.
Place the completed label in the appropriate position. It is not required on vehicles served in North American.
Start engine but do not depress the throttle pedal.
Turn OFF ignition switch
Turn ON ignition switch
J1850 PWM protocol PCM reprogramming completed.

Svci J2534 Ford J1850 Module Programming 13
Clear existing fault codes
Turn OFF ignition switch




Other unbiased reviews on SVCI J2534:

1.I just did a PCM/TCM Module programming on a 2014 fiesta with the svci j2534 today. Honestly I was surprised how well it worked. I would suggest a usb Y cable. I was having issues before because my laptop USB port did not supply enough current.

2. svci j2534 work good i tested many times program keys, sync immo , remove speedlimiter etc. and work OK

3. For me it works well with newer vehicles. It does freeze and disconnect sometimes. But I’ve never had it brick a computer. I only use it for module programming.  So it might be annoying if you use it to diagnose and it keeps freezing and you have to restart IDS. It will not program older vehicles. Installation is very easy with the included loader. But if you can find a good quality clone I would rather go for that. But comparing this to the cheap quality clones around the same price I think this is better.
4.  Its a very good tool. Svci j2534 works fine. Have been using it for a year now.
5. I’ve done PCM/TCM on Kuga 2015 2.0L Tdci with IDS 116 no problem.
6. i use this daily with no problem at all .but it is slower than vcm2. but it does some things better than vcm.
7. I have this tool and it’s working very well. Very fast on programming and diagnosis. I recommend!