Vident iLink400 Chevy Blazer ABS Bleeding Good Test Reports

I have 2006 G6 GTP (CAN protocol), 2001 Blazer (J1850 VPW) and 2004 Avalanche (J1850 VPW) to activate ABS bleeding, and I found Vident Ilink400 Multi-System Scan Tool for GM on obdii365 where someone said it worked on a 2003 S10 for crank sensor relearn. Also found someone who said it read cam sensor retard. And another who said it worked on the Blazer ABS Bleeding procedure. Also found some people who had some troubles, but there is always people who can’t get things to work when they should. what I find interesting is that the manufacturer’s web site says it works on both OBD1 and OBD2 – so maybe this will work on 1995 OBD1.5?


Then , I went ahead and ordered one, it was $149 free shipping.

Vident Ilink400 Package

I’ll review the Vident Ilink 400 because it’s really good value.

I’m REALLY impressed with it. Downloaded and installed GM software update. Hooked up to my 2006 G6 GTP (CAN protocol), my 2001 Blazer (J1850 VPW), and my 2004 Avalanche (J1850 VPW). The Avalanche it does not automatically recognize the vehicle and forces me to enter some info about the vehicle manually. Apparently does ABS brake bleeding and crank sensor relearn on all 3 GM vehicles (actually tried the brake bleeding procedure on the Avalanche). Did not look for cam sensor retard on the Avalanche and the G6, but does read the all-important Cam Sensor Retard on my Blazer. Saw it does injector balance test on Avalanche. Does misfire counters for all three. Plus was reading BCM and HVAC codes on Avalanche. Red and identified a entertainment (radio) code on the g6. However could not find TCCM module on either Blazer or Avalanche (both 4-button). Too much to list – has TONS of capability. Way, way more than my HP Tuners VCM scanner software. But remember you only get one manufacturer’s PIDs – pay $60 each for any more you want to install. The box claims it’s compatible with OBD1 and OBD2 but no OBD1 connector included so who knows. A little clunky to get through the menus, but it’s a handheld scanner.

I would say anyone with 1998+ Blazer is VERY safe to buy this scan tool Vident Ilink 400 and will be EXTREMELY happy with it for the price. It is obviously pretty cheaply made and Chinese, but should be OK.


Have no idea how it will work with 1995 (OBD1.5), or 1996-1997 Blazers (we know some Bluetooth scanning apps have trouble with GM PIDs on 1996-1997). I’ll try to review this scanner more thoroughly sometime this fall and post it. In the meantime, if anyone collects data using this scanner on the 1995-1997 Blazers, please let me know so I can include that info. I have no idea how it will work (GM PIDs and bidirectional controls) with very new vehicles (ie 2013+) but I believe the CAN protocol is consistent through 2012 and it seem to do the most module types for the CANBUS vehicles so they should be good to go.


The following paragraph is my personal experience and point of view on Chinese GM Tech2, Blue Driver for GM when comparing with Vident Ilink 400:


Take a typical Bluetooth OBD app for example, tons of these out there – only a few do enhanced GM PIDs (sensor/data monitoring) and even fewer have all the useful specific PIDs for a Blazer such as cam sensor retard. Specifically these are Car Gauge Pro (98+ blazer only – includes enhanced PIDs), Dash Command w/enhanced GM PID purchase (all years Blazer), Blue Driver (I have not personally reviewed but seems to work for iPhone users). Car Gauge Pro and Dash Command requires a separate Bluetooth OBD2 adapter to be purchased – recommend BAFX one. The rest have big promises, little susbstance. However, please be advised that none of the Bluetooth apps do Brake Bleeding or Crank Sensor Relearns, which is what the Ilink400 is really about.


At $300+ you can buy Windows software that will do the Crank Sensor Relearn, but the brake bleeding is not supported on HP Tuners anyways. Don’t know about the others. HP Tuners, Autoenginuity, EFI live.

At $150 you can buy Windows software Scan XL Pro that pretty much equals the functions of Dash Command – same company – different platform – don’t have to buy the Enhanced GM PIDs for each vehicle.

Some people love their $350 Chinese Tech 2 and claim is works just like the GM Tech 2. I have zero experience with either one.


So I was quite excited to find the Ilink400 would do both brake bleeding and things like the crank sensor relearn and HVAC. The handheld scanner I bought and returned before buying mine would only do the brake bleeding + simplest generic OBD2 PIDs.


For casual Blazer diagnostics, for under $50 I recommend Dash Command or Car Gauge Pro (Car Gauge Pro does more on 1998+ Blazers, but not as intuitive to use and is poorly documented). If you feel the need for crank sensor relearn or brake bleeding or more bi-directional control, then for under $150 the Vident Ilink400 seems made to order. I like them ALL and find uses for each!!! The only one that does it all is the factory Tech 2.


Vident Ilink400 gm– just figured out the TCCM IS reachable using the Ilink400, but you find it under Powertrain (also Cruise Control is found under powertrain). Looks like you can monitor the status of various switches and their positions + much more. Found this when working on my Avalanche cruise control. Brake switch was not working and you could see the status of all the cruise control switches. It’s a great little handheld.