Read Fiat HC08AZ32 1H56A IMMO by UPA, Orange5 or VVDI Prog


I can’t read mc68hc08az32
Mask: 1H56A

can upa read this or not?

Can i read this mc in circuit ?






UPA is best for this.

Try upa usb with security read and write.

If upa gives full ADADADADAD, you need to use the correct security bytes.

08AZ32 always need the correct ss for both eeprom and flash/rom. So need to find the correct one otherwise AD AD AD as seen.

For example:
BD 57 BD 57 BD 57 BD 54

Also make sure you lift the right pins marked in the manual with a dotted line.





Orange 5 works without problem.

I used the clone, not expensive and works.

Orange5 reads both Fiat Immo Bravo 08AZ32 [1H56A] and Marea 08AZ32 [1H56A].

Orange5 Fiat 1h56a



Xhorse vvdi prog does have Fiat 1H56A immo options, follow wiring diagram to connect

if vvdi failed to read this mcu, send log data or directly contact Xhorse engineer via xhorse app.


Vvdi Prog Fiat 1H56A 2

Vvdi Prog Fiat 1H56A 3

Vvdi Prog Fiat 1H56A 1





or use ETL908.

ETL very good for this MCU. It can read and save security bytes.