Autel AP200 OBD2 Scanner Sprinter Test Reports

Hi guys, I put together what Autel AP200 obd2 scanner can diagnose for Mercedes Sprinter.


  1. How to use Autel AP200 to diagnose NCV3/906 Sprinter

Question: For a T1N the ZUH Heater Booster (aka eSpar) is listed. Has anyone with a T1N tried to connect to their eSpar Heater Booster?

Yes, it works and you can see the startup, running and shutdown sequence in the live data.


Just received my Autel AP200 and well impressed by the depth of info available in Sprinter.
One thing I noticed was that there are 2 ways to access the data for a NCV3/906 Sprinter…
(1) Choose “Sprinter”, then “906 (CAN bus, 2006 onwards)” – or something like this, I’m writing from memory.
(2) Choose “SprinterIII 906”, then “906.655”, then select the Engine and Transmission codes from drop-downs.

Both methods found the same 12 modules on my Sprinter, but method 2 was *much* faster. Method 1 seemed to be scanning every possible module to determine which was present. Of course with method 2 you need to know the Engine and Transmission codes, but these can be found easily from the VIN number using the Mercedes WIS software.


In practice once I got an Autel AP200 itself, I found the information it gave was quite understandable. It’s been a while since I’ve used it, but if I remember correctly there are a couple of ways it can be set up and only 1 way works properly.


  1. Autel AP200 Spinter III Review

I just attempted this. As a Dodge, the US VIN is not recognized and the alternate VID states that it’s covers too broad of a vehicle range and advises to manually select body/engine/transmission specifics. Using the Diagram-BENZ app under Sprinter and Sprinter lll has produced mixed results but so far ave managed to teach-in DPF, force active regen, and monitor differential pressure. It even monitors swirl valve activity/position, displays which circuit is controlling rail pressure, and allows you to test egr actuation, all common issues with OM642 V6 engines.

Autel Ap200 Sprinter Lll Review 01 Autel Ap200 Sprinter Lll Review 02 Autel Ap200 Sprinter Lll Review 03 Autel Ap200 Sprinter Lll Review 04 Autel Ap200 Sprinter Lll Review 05


  1. Used mine Autel AP200 for first time today just to remove SRS dash light after changing passenger seatbelt. Did the manual input using only the 904.6 options and worked great.


  1. I have an 08 Dodge Sprinter. Used an m802 on it before – Chrysler seems to produce more codes, but Europe > Sprinter gives slightly different codes.
    Which one should I get as the default? Is it worth it subscribing to the other one as well?


The Benz_Sprinter selection should cover all variations.

Here in the US, to get the full at least more systems reporting, we have to tell is “WDB” *and* 906 *and* (sometimes) Mexican.

It’s rather hit-and-miss.


  1. For sprinters made between 2002 and 2006ish with a dodge logo on them- you need to get the Dodge diagnostic package!! (Obviously)


I do not believe this is correct. Mine works with Benz_Sprinter manual vehicle selection and several people have chosen the Dodge and had to get Autel to reset their free option, removing it so they can choose Benz_Sprinter.

If you choose generic OBD, does it talk to the vehicle? If not, you have a hardware connection issue.


  1. Just ordered Autel AP200 code reader, but am unclear how to find out if mine is a ‘903’ or something else as mine is also a dodge and the vin may also not be recognized. 2006.


If it is a 2006, choose Benz_Sprinter from their “store” as your free vehicle. Then choose manual selection and then Sprinter, and then either the lines starting with 901 or YD and then your country. Both work, with different modules working on both. Then try the different modules. If they don’t talk, try the other vehicle selection. You might have to use both to get all of them as Autel did not record which modules were in which vehicle.


Finally, someone asks “Is there a list of Autel AP200 compatible years/motor sizes (Sprinter of course) for this unit?”

(Just a joking! ) for $60 you can buy it at, it’s free shipping.

For the Sprinter coverage, please read the following PDF, which shows the supported data for each vehicle.