Free Download Subaru SSM3 SSM4 V2020.7 Software and Patch

Latest version 2020.7 Subaru SSM IV (Subaru Select Monitor 4) software has been tested and verified working no issue with vxdiag Subaru diagnostic interface. here provides SSM IV software and patch download for free.

Software version: SSM3 2020.7; SSM4 V22.60

Operating system: Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10

Compatible device: VXDIAG Subaru SSM3 SSM4 scan tool


Step 1: Free Download VXDIAG Subaru SSM3 SSM4 2020.7 Software
Contains: SSM3 2020.7; SSM4 V22.60; FlashWrite 2

Step 2. Free Download Subaru SSM4 Patch (Required)

Subaru Ssm4 Download

If failed to download software from mega links, download software here

password: x5h0zm

Contact us to get weiyun account to download.


Image 1: after browsing the link of SSM4 2020.7 Software.

Subaru Select Monitor 4

Image 2: SSM4 Function Menu: Diagnosis, immobilizer registration, Reprogram, Generic OBDII, Reading Driving Recorder.

Subaru Ssm4 Patch

Image 3: Subaru patch, please make sure download it and install it.

Subaru Select Monitor IV SSM4 V22.60 Improvements:

1.The Subaru Select Monitor IV provides dealer level systems coverage and functionality.

2. SSM4 works with Subaru vehicles from MY2016 onwards; SSM3 works with Subaru from 1998 to 2018.

3. More SSM3 and SSM4 comparison can be found in the previous post:

FreeSSM vs SSM 3 vs SSM 4 (Subaru Select Monitor)







SSM4 V22.60 Installation:

How to Install 2020.7 VXDIAG Subaru SSM3 + SSM4 + FlashWrite



VXDIAG Subaru Select Monitor IV FAQs:

Question: Upgrade Subaru SSM3 software directly to SSM4?

Answer: No, not possible. Please download the above SSM4 software and patch.

Question: Is the VXDiag Subaru diagnostic tool Worth it??

Answer: IMO it will be when you have an issue with any of the systems and can easily view live data and error codes. Or program a new key when you lose one.

Question: SSM3 had an error “can’t function without SSM4 being activated”…… I did upgrade Firmware once or twice in the past few months, this may have been the cause.

Answer: You have to make sure that you run ssm iii from the vx diag software, not just clicking ssm iii from the desktop or start menu. If you run either iii or iv from somewhere other than vxdiag you may need to re-run the vx diag crack and or reinstall.I don’t see anything that vx ssm iii can’t do that a dealer can do.



I spend some time to read some users’ reviews of Subaru SSM3 software, they feedback they had some great success with changing some settings but sadly the access to all sections seems limited though…

” I initially wanted to change a few standards settings like the Lock/Unlock chirpand assumed the shrill chirp for other warnings was just a matter of getting into the ECU with SSM4 and activating it, it is there in the list when I look but I cant seem to get it to activate the Chirp”

“I wanted to activate TPMS but realise my module in the rear driver side panel that handles it is NOT a combined TPMS/Keyless entry type and mine is just Keyless entry.”

” I did adjust my fuel ranger to suit ACTUAL estimates to a more accurate percentage ( SSM4 allows this to adjust % of millage)”

=> So they are considering swapping one out to see if SSS4 will archive these performance.

Alright, take action to download SSM4 and have a try on what it can work more than SSM3. And any more users feedback, will continue write here for your reference.