What Can ThinkDiag OBD2 Diagnostic Tool Do for Automotive Technicians?

For basic OBDII functions, all you need is ThinkOBD 100, but if you need something more advanced, or perhaps you want to check on the status of all other modules in your vehicle then what you need ThinkDiag.



We’ve mentioned OBDII stands for on-board diagnostics and it is standardized system in trucks and cars that regulates and monitors the vehicle’s main function, you would use an OBDII scanner to pinpoint glitches, and problems in your vehicle, but as we all know a vehicle is essentially a supercomputer on four wheels and there are so many modules and systems within it, if you’re looking for a tool that goes beyond just OBDII functions, you need a Launch Thinkdiag, for instance you need to reset the tire pressure on your vehicle, this is a common problem with BMW, especially you won’t be able to reset that with the basic OBDII scanner, but with Thinkdiag is as easy as a tap on your smartphone.


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Let’s get into that in a little bit, the Thinkdiag comes in a curvy egg-shaped casing for durability while keeping the size small for great portability, it fits perfectly in your pocket, and because the Thinkdiag works through a mobile APP, the only thing else you need is your smartphone or a tablet.


The Thinkdiag APP is available for download on both the Apple APP store and the Google play store. Note that Thinkcar has two mobile apps for their Thinkcar one model and the Thinkdiag APP for Thinkdiag.you’ll need Thinkdiag, the IOS APP requires IOS 9 or later and is compatible with the iPhone, ipad and the ipod touch, the android version of the APP requires android 5and up,  the Thinkdiag APP and dongle works on a subscription basis.


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Each Thinkdiag comes with two manufacture software subscriptions which you can renew at the end of your free one year subscription at 39.95 per year, each manufacturer software subscription will give you access to all diagnostic functions and all maintenance functions for your vehicle, plus all car models from the same manufacturer, so for example. If you’re a family of Mercedes, all you need is just one Mercedes software subscription.

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Before you use the Thinkdiag and the mobile APP you will need to create an account with Thinkdiag, you can do that all through the Thinkdiag on your smartphone, you will need the serial number of your Thinkdiag and it’s found right on the dongle itself, once that’s all done simply plug the Thinkdiag into the OBD2 port in your car and off you go you hear a beep and you’ll also see the bottom Rim light up.


The working voltage of the dongle is 9 to 18 volts and the current is less than a hundred milliamps so technically you can use the Thinkdiag on a vehicle with a flat battery.


Go ahead and open up the Thinkdiag APP and you will see the following options.

All systems full function, maintenance functions, OBD functions and Thinkcar remote diagnostic function, so let’s go into the all systems full functions.

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The Thinkdiag will first do a quick scan of your vehicle to pull up all relevant information you need including the make model and year of your vehicle, click next and you’ll find more details about the car and the engine.

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So you click on “health report” the Thinkdiag will automatically scan for every fault code, your car has to be prepared to see some code that you never knew existed in your car before, you can read the code and find out what it means using the built-in code library. Want to learn about a fault code click on the question Mark icon and every information available on the Internet for that particular fault code will be right at your fingertips, even if the module doesn’t have a fault code, you can still click into it to actuate test, meaning you can force tests on the module.


For instance something within your vehicle isn’t working, there aren’t any knobs or switches for it inside the cabin, so what do you do. Well, you can test it out right from the Thinkdiag APP.

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So what about the maintenance functions, maintenance is where you go to test the different modules and systems in your car like the break, oil, SAS and others. Resetting oil is one of the more common maintenance procedures, so let’s take a look at how to do that with the Thinkdiag:

Click on “reset oil” and select “maintenance reset”, please note that when navigating through the APP you will see all the functions labeled with a price tag, simply click on them and you’ll be prompted for a free option. From there, you can select software reset and the Thinkdiag automatically scan your vehicle for anything that needs resetting within the oil area. And every time you reset anything on your car the Thinkdiag will automatically generate a diagnostic report that will be saved in the records section.

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Now let’s talk about the OBD functions, this is where you will do all the basic OBD2 testing and read the parameters of your car like oxygen sensor or throttle position, even EGR position and more. So you want to read the information on some systems just select the ones you want to check out and Thinkdiag will compile them all into a list for you right on your APP.


Last but not least the “Thinkcar remote diagnostics”, now say there’s a problem with your car and you’re unable to resolve it yourself using the Thinkdiag APP you can download and share a full report of the vehicle to yourself. Better yet, your mechanic can tap into your car, perform diagnostics remotely from his shop.Thinkdiag is a straightforward, easy to use tool, give you the power to perform professional diagnostic tests anytime and anywhere.

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Thinkcar Thinkdiag is now available on obdii365.com, don’t forget to follow our articles if like reading, thanks for reading.