Autel MK908P Scanner Newbie Review Pros and Cons

I buyed an MK908P.  The MK908 has the same functions as ms908 but the Mk908 has a little bit better hardware (with updated CPU and RAM etc.).

The Autel MK908P arrived by courier early in the morning.

Autel Mk908p 1
A huge box greets you.

Autel Mk908p 2

This is a pretty cool case. The deadline is not that luxurious. It does not matter though.

Autel Mk908p 3
The main body and various accessories are arranged neatly.

It comes with instructions and drivers on a disc.

Autel Mk908p 4
Even the latest software has been updated.


MK908p model is better than ms908p, you can change language free (only require S/N) and no IP restriction.

This is a professional diagnostic tool that can be easily navigated by a beginner.

I was able to read the codes when my other generic reader couldn’t. It also allowed me to run tests as well as analyze more components where I was able to find what’s wrong with the car. Using just the web for repairs is hit and miss since the break occurred with a different component but showed the same warning lights on the dash.

I tried the service functions such as diagnosis and reset on the customer’s vehicle, and it was very good.

I also used it on a Mercedes W211 E320 . ..and pulled 37 modules just like that ….unbelievable ! !!!!!

Could use MK908P to program Benz ECU, scan car to get date, and I could print report for my customers, they are satisfied with service.

The pass through jbox will do factory diagnostics and programming using prescribed software from participating manufacturers.
Very satisfied.  Its well worth the cost.



  • Easy to use and read
  • Programs and updates software in modern hybrids and EVs
  • Stores and prints data straight from the device
  • Auto-scan option quickly checks every vehicle system
  • Bluetooth and battery operation make it wire-free
  • Wide vehicle coverage with free lifetime updates
  • Comes with all the accessories you need to use it


  • High price point
  • Won’t reprogram keys and fobs (You’ll need IM608)


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