Nissan Pathfinder OBDII Code Scanners Recommendation

Looking for Nissan Pathfinder OBDII Engine scanners which is hand-held not based on windows? Please read the following test reports and reviews.


  1. NT301 scanner review

I use a NT301 only 35usd. Thought I’d only use it once or twice, but I was wrong. Having your own scanner is so convenient.



Credits to @ underworld1001.


The editor advise you own NT530 ($169), it is dedicated for Nissan cars, which is more powerful than NT301, it can perform special functions.


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Nissan Pathfinder Odbii Engine Scanners Advice 02


  1. Autel MX808 MaxiCheck review

I use an Autel MX808 MaxiCheck which I picked up about 15 months ago. It works with any passenger car or truck with an OBD II port, but for another $99, you can get the OBD I kit which has the connectors for a number of manufacturers OBD I diagnostic ports. MK808 is the scan tool with the OBD I kit. It’s pretty nice! It’s a lot quicker than my former boss’s X431 Launch diagnostic tool and his older OTC Genesys tool. It does an all system code scan, can monitor/graph/read live datastream info, read freeze frame data, can be used to relearn throttle bodies and register TPMS sensor, relearn idle air volume, relearn steering position and a bunch of other stuff. It can update wirelessly and the updates after the first years are reasonably priced. Autel has a number of tools, both less and more expensive. This one was perfect for me and for what I do at home.

Nissan Pathfinder Odbii Engine Scanners Advice 04


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Nissan Pathfinder Odbii Engine Scanners Advice 05


  1. Nissan Data Scan II (NDS II) and a compatible ELM327 Bluetooth OBD II dongle

I used Nissan Data Scan II (NDS II) and a compatible ELM327 Bluetooth OBD II dongle. I assume NDS III will apply to the R52’s but don’t know. But I have all of the usual OBD II data plus all of the Nissan CONSULT II data for the engine control module. Does not have ABS, etc…yet.

The NDS team is in Australia so they didn’t know for sure if their software would work with our VQ’s. Now we do…


To be upgrading…