How to Activate 2020.06 XENTRY OpenShell WIS EPC DTS Monaco?

2020.06 MB Star Xentry diagnostic OpenShell (Windows 7/Windows 10 optional) has been tested and verified working no issue.  Activation is required before hooking it up to work.



Software Including: 

Xentry OpenShell 2020.06

WIS/EPC 11.2018


DTS Monaco 8.13



StarFinder 2016

PL73 etc

2020 06 Mb Star Software


XENTRY Diagnostic OpenShell devices:

MB SD Connect C4

MB SD Connect C5
– eCOM
*Don’t support offline programming.  Online programming need luck.
How to Activate 06.2020 MB Star Xentry & DTS?
Open ConfigAssist on desktop
Activate 2020 06 Xentry 1
Copy Hardware ID to Notepad
Activate 2020 06 Xentry 2
Open the DTS Monaco 8.13 software on desktop, it will automatically show DTS ID
Copy the ID to Notepad
Activate 2020 06 Xentry 3
Send both Hardware and DTS ID to customer service
Activate 2020 06 Xentry 4
We’ll send to activation file.
Open the activation file and Copy the ID inside
Activate 2020 06 Xentry 5
In ConfigAssist, select StartKey->Manual 
Activate 2020 06 Xentry 6
Paste xentry activation key here and Save
Activate 2020 06 Xentry 7
Xentry activation completed.
Open the activation zip file
Activate 2020 06 Xentry 8
Copy the files inside
Activate 2020 06 Xentry 9
Paste all these files to C/Program Files/Softing/Diagnostic Tool Set 8/8.13 to activate DTS Monaco
Activate 2020 06 Xentry 10
How to Activate 06.2020 MB Star EPC/WIS?
Open EWA on desktop
Enter User: admin and password: 12345
Activate 2020 06 Epc 1
Copy LAN-ID here
Activate 2020 06 Epc 2
Open CarProKey program
Select EPCnet/WISnet program
Paste LAN-ID and generate activation key for EPC WIS
Activate 2020 06 Epc 3
Paste EPC WIS registration key
Activate 2020 06 Epc 4
Copy and paste each into the activation box. And then Save
Activate 2020 06 Epc 5
WIS EPC software activation completed.
Now you can connect sd c4/c5 and set IP to use.
Check video guide, including how to set up IP address.