How to Set up BMW ISTA+ with Openport 2.0 J2534?


May i have a question if somebody test already tactrix Openport 2.0 J2534 interface to make it works with BMW ISTA/D (ISTA+)?





Confirm it its works with ISTA/D, install bmw passthru drivers and set ediabas.ini to: STD:psssthruD

You can try this. You first need to get the pass thru drivers from bmw. Install the driver for YOUR pass thru and then follow below

1. Run BMW PassthruD in Administrator(Important!!!)

2. Choose the J2534 device you want and save it

3. COPY all file from  C:\Program files (x86)\BMW AG\PassThruD to C:\EDIABAS\BIN (default) EXCEPT EDIABAS.INI

4. Open EDIABAS.INI in notepad

5. Edit configuration interface = STD:passthrud  and save it!

6. Launch ISTA/D and move to Configuration -> Interface

7. Select EDIABAS.INI and apply it.

it will not work on all models but newer models should work okay. Have tested this and it works. I have a bmw icom now but last time I tried this it worked okay.



BMW passthru drives free download


and also Rheingold With Tactrix Open Port & Autel Maxi Flash Elite (Setup).



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