Yanhua Mini ACDP vs. Other IMMO / Odometer Programmers

Compared with the similar IMMO key programming and mileage programmers, Yanhua Mini acdp operation is much more user-friendly, therefore it also meet the needs of the newbies who has not rich chip welding skills and experience. For the details, please see below table.

Yanhua Mini ACDP The Similar IMMO / ODO Programmer
The mobile phone/PC is connected to the ACDP through  WIFI to reduce the communication failure rate Need to use USB to connect with the computer, it is easy to cause a dead car due to poor USB port contact
Support multi-platform system operation (IOS, Windows, Android) Only supports Windows operating system
Read the data on the computer board through the dedicated probe interface without soldering (Even a newbie can do the job). Use a soldering iron to solder on the computer board. Poor soldering skill or leakage of the soldering iron can easily cause data loss or reading the computer to death.
No need to disassemble the device or cut off the circuit of the computer board (a newbie can also complete various operations perfectly) To remove the components on the computer board or to cut off the circuit of the computer board, which may accidentally lose the components or break other circuits and make a dead car
There is a pin detection function to detect whether the contact point is in good contact, to avoid data loss caused by poor contact. Without this function, it is unknown whether the wiring is reliable or not, which is easy to lose data due to virtual welding
A variety of operation modes, including automatic mode and single-step mode, follow the operation guide to do. There is only a single single-step mode, and it is easy to make a dead stop for unskilled operation
A variety of technical service platforms: with a dedicated technician exchange platform,if you encounter any problems in your work, you can directly consult on the technician platform, or you can use other social software for technical communication (such as QQ, WeChat, technical phone, etc.) Must use other social software for technical communication
 Professional technical after-sales team, end-users can directly contact the after-sales department of the manufacturer if you encounter problems, you can quickly and accurately solve various problems. If you have any questions, you can only consult the dealer, and the dealer will contact the manufacturer again.
able to add multi function software license to the ACDP unit, i.e Porsche, JLR, Volvo etc.  Don’t need to buy extra hardware. usually single purpose device, no able to add license to it


  1. Reading CAS4 with ACDP Mini (no soldering)

Yanhua Acdp Read As4 01

Reading CAS4 with other programmers (i.e vvdi prog), require soldering job

Yanhua Acdp Similar Programmer Read As4 02


  1. Reading CAS3 with ACDP Mini, no soldering

Yanhua Acdp Read As3 03Yanhua Acdp Read As3 04

Read CAS3 with other programmers, require soldering

Yanhua Acdp Similar Programmer Read As3 05


  1. Reading DME module with Yanhua ACDP, no soldering

Yanhua Acdp Read Dme 06Yanhua Acdp Read Dme 07

Read DME module by other devices (i.e ktag), require soldering, some require drill a hole

Yanhua Acdp Similar Programmer Read Dme 08


  1. Reading FRM module by Yanhua, no soldering

Yanhua Acdp Read Frm 09

Read FRM module data by other devices (i.e xprog), need soldering

Yanhua Acdp Similar Programmer Read Frm 10


  1. Reading EGS module with ACDP, easy and no soldering

Yanhua Acdp Read Egs 11

Read EGS by other devices, i.e CGDI BMW, need to solder follow the wiring diagram

Yanhua Acdp Similar Programmer Read Egs 12


  1. Renew remote key by ACDP Mini, no soldering

Yanhua Acdp Renew Key 13

Renew/unlock remote by other programmers, require soldering job.

Yanhua Acdp Similar Programmer Renew Key 14