Cheapest OBD Scanner for Maserati Oil Service Reset without Dealer


I’ve been looking for a OBD tool that would reset oil service reminder without dealer and many make the claim but most fail to do it.  The dealer in my area (Buffalo, NY) charges $450 for an oil change. I don’t want to pay the dealer to do it when its such an easy oil change.  Any recommendation?



Working experience with scan tool:


I bought a nt520 pro but i can’t reset service interval on my QP 2007 Automatica. Autel MS906 as alternative is a bit expensive.



I have researched quite a bit about small handheld devices that could reads a day clears codes for the GT there aren’t many except for those expensive units. While all regular OBDII will reads and clears engine codes (Check Engine Light). Many cases that reads other codes such as ABS, SRS, EPB, Light Control ECU, etc, etc. I end up bought the NT-510 for the GT specifically. It does reads codes for multiple systems in the GT. Surprisingly. I found that some units advertised as it could read all Maserati cars reality is not. BTW the NT510 cannot reset oil service lights.  I have the NT-510 unit for sale as I decided to acquired OE level diagnostic system for future use and business endeavor.



NT530 only reads fault codes even WITH maserati license from nt510. There is NO capability for writing service information on the QP (M139).




Working experience with OBDSTAR X200 Pro


I can confirm my new Obdstar X-200 just reset the Oil Service Reminder.

The X-200 i bought at $169, with free shipping via DHL from Hong Kong. I bought the EBP (electronic Parking Brake version), but the EPB isn’t functional on the Ghibli at this time. But the Oil Reset and OBD both work. I own the tool, and it works fine for OBD and resetting Oil Service Reminder. The EPB version doesn’t work on the newer Maseratis, but on the older Quattroporte (previous model), it does work.  EPB features is for VAG group as I can see.

From what I can find, the only other software or tool that will do this is the Leonardo (multi car version is US$30K, single car version US$5k), the TEXA for US$5k, or AutoEnginuity for US$2.8k (with all the necessary parts).

This was a huge hurdle, and I’m thrilled.

Obdstar X200 Maserati Oil Reset 1

Obdstar X200 Maserati Oil Reset 2


I received the OBDStar X200 Pro today and….it worked!!! I was able to reset my service indicator message and turn off the green service wrench in less than 15 seconds!!! This thing is the real deal!!!




The OBDSTAR x200 will will clear any light that comes on the dash and tell you what the reason for the light is. It has many functions which include resetting intervals and a normal OBD code reader/ clearer.



Got an OBDSTAR X200 from last week. Worked as advertised on my 2014 GT Sport Convertible. Was surprisingly easy for a rook like me, once I found the OBD port.
It resets to only the 12.5k mile interval, though. Didn’t see a way to customize.



The tool worked perfectly on my 2013 GT Convertible and I bought it specifically for resetting the service wrench symbol, as the local Maserati dealership won’t reset it unless they perform the maintenance.




I have a 2014 GT and my OBDStar X200 Pro does reset the oil service light.

Manual says “oil light/service reset” and “EPB (electronic parking brake).
Also pulls generic obd2 codes.




Reset the Oil Service Reminder (wrench icon) on the dash
I can confirm my new Obdstar X-200 just reset the Oil Service Reminder (wrench icon) on the dash of my 2016 Ghibli SQ4..
Located in Northern Jersey.



I just used mine to reset the light. It takes all of 1 minute.

What I did before this though was to reset the date in the MTC screen date/time settings to 1 year prior. The light comes on when either the miles run out or the time. Backing the year up 1 year eliminates the time causing the light to come on, but on my car at least, when the mileage ran out the light came on.

Next time I will just use the x200 and not bother to fiddle with the MTC date settings.



I can confirm now that the X-200 I bought off reset the maintenance data in less than 5 minutes.



I was able to reset the service wrench on 2017 Maserati Levante.
It does not list Levante in the menu, however I selected Ghibli and it worked.



OBDSTAR x-200 is a great, easy to use tool! tried it to reset service light on a 2016 Maserati Quattroporte,works great.
I’ve read where the OBDStar X200 PRO would do a maintenance reset on some Maserati models. I have a 2012 Maserati Gran Turismo Sport. After trying several different models at my local garage, I purchased the obdstar unit. It worked perfectly on resetting my maintenance icon. I wanted to let everyone know who has this particular Maserati that it does work. I hope this helps.
I recently purchased an OBDStar X200 Pro for $169. It works perfectly on my 2013 GT convertible and I was able to clear the green wrench and the “Maintenance coupon expired” message on the center screen. It has a lot of functionality and appears to be very well made.
I have the obdstar x200 tool. You just go to Oil service reset > Maserati if memory serves. Works like a charm!
I have the OBDStar too and it defo works on a 2008 GT – It is cheap enough.  I’m happy.
worked for a 12 Maserati Granturismo S oil service. I finally got that stupid oil service wrench off my darn screen!!
This scanner is right to the point, no frills.
Works great! I bought it to use on my 2014 Maserati Ghibli to reset the oil maintenance message. Then later had the engine light come and was able to find the reason why and with this tool was able to find the trouble and fix that too. I’m very happy with this purchase.
Did just what I bought it for– Reset service message on a 2015 Maserati Ghibli– No other scan tool I could find except dealer specific tool could do it– Great price and works on a lot of other cars too.
2019 Maserati Levante oil reset ok, requires an extra 12+8 FCA adapter from OBDSTAR (for 2018 up Maserati).
How to Reset Maserati Oil Service Reminder with OBDSTAR X-200 Pro?
can be applied to Ghibli, Quattraporte, Granturismo, Levante etc models.
Obdstar X200 Maserati Service Reset 1
Obdstar X200 Maserati Service Reset 2
Select Vehicles-> Oil/Service Reset->pull down the list and select Maserati
Obdstar X200 Maserati Oil Reset 3
Obdstar X200 Maserati Oil Reset 4
Obdstar X200 Maserati Oil Reset 5
Choose Maserati model, i.e Ghibli ->M157 (Gasoline) ->Oil Reset
Obdstar X200 Maserati Oil Reset 6
Obdstar X200 Maserati Oil Reset 7
Obdstar X200 Maserati Oil Reset 8
Obdstar X200 Maserati Oil Reset 9
Reset success.
Obdstar X200 Maserati Oil Reset 10
Obdstar X200 Maserati Oil Reset 11
Obdstar X200 Maserati Oil Reset 12


OBDSTAR X200 Pro supports following Maserati service reset models:



M157 (Gasoline)


M145 (Gasoline)


M156 (Gasoline)

M139 (Gasoline)

Quattr oporte MY

M139 MY (Gasoline)


* It can not work on MASERATI Ghibli from year 2018 to now.

Keep updating more Maserati models.