What Tools to Virgin VGS3 TCU 722.9 for Mercedes?

Which cheap or clone device can virgin a VGS3-NAG2(Gen3) unit without costing the earth?  I need do make renew TCU 722.9 VGS3 which tool works best?

Abrites is too expensive and I don’t want any subscriptions.



VGS Conductor Plate

There are three conductor plates for the Mercedes-Benz 7-Speed 722.9 automatic transmission. The conductor plates are designated as models:

  • VGS 1 – Requires Replacement of Valve Body and Conductor Plate
  • VGS 2
  • VGS 3

How do I know which VGS conductor plate I have?

Look for a number printed on top of the VGS / VDO. You should have a number such as VGS 3.

Benz 7g Vgs3

What tools can virgin VGS3? 

FVDI: most failed, risky

VVDI MB: failed

Genuine AVDI Abrites: worked, and easy


MBCAN tool: Yes

Vediamo:  requires a MB Star diagnostic system




VGS2 is ok, VGS3 need luck.  Only the older versions do this. The new SVCI failed most of the time.

Working experience:

1).Have tested vgs3 with FVDI2014 and FVDI2015 but not work.
VGS1 and VGS2 work.


I had a faulty VGS3 module, I bought one from ebay and it was not virgin. I used FVDI Chinese clone (FVDI 2016 fitted with a dongle ) to make it virgin, then used the same FVDI to write my VIN number and the variant coding decimal string of my faulty module which I extracted using Vediamo. I also used the same FVDI to release transport et assign the new unit to my car. Then using Vediamo I wrote the variant coding 4 characters into the new unit.





Cannot virgin VGS3 (confirmed by Xhorse engineer)

Working experience:

Im facing a problem with couple of 7g etc plates which is not being virgin..
It can find the password but it can’t do the personalization to no, it is stuck at yes.

Vvdi Mb Virgin Vgs3


Yanhua Mini ACDP

Yanhua ACDP module 16 can clone Mercedes-Benz (VGS-FDCT/ VGS2-FDCT) dual-clutch gearbox / 722.8 (VGS2-FCVT) gearbox and virgin 722.9 (VGS2-NAG2)  (VGS3-NAG2) gearbox without soldering.

Benz interface board is required.

It is safe and stable.  ACDP requires to backup data before renew.

Yanhua Mini Acdp Benz Gearbox Clone Refresh Board 01

Example: reflash/virgin Benz 722.9-2 (VGS2-NAG2) gearbox using Yanhua Mini ACDP



CGDI Prog MB can make virgen like avdi…confirm it works well.

The CGDI virgine 722.9 TCU 1time in Day free! when you need second virgine you must pay 4$ (one token for single purpose), and the CGDI can virgine ISM,DSM,ECU, only numbers 1,2 and 3! the CGDI can’t virgine FBS 4 plate only original Abrites FVDI can virgine FBS 4 TCU.

CGDI MB renew TCU guide can be found here.



Error 1:

Erase failed error when reading on car via OBD, read fine but cannot erase

Cgdi Mb Renew 7g Erase Failed


check pin out between vgs 3 and cgdi mb.
Error 2:

Erase password not found error when renew 7gtronic 03 plate

Cgdi Mb Renew 7gtronic 03 Plate 1


CGDI MB will renew VGS 1, 2 and 3. Take a screenshot of your TCU. Some need to write file 41.

Save the file and send to CGDI engineer. They will try to calculate the erase password for you.



AVDI Abrites:

Yes, works 100%, but very expensive.

AVDI = 890 euro interface + 2510 euro MB software module.

connect to 7G on bench with avdi

1-can h
2-can low
4-positiv 12v
5-31 grund
use between can h and low120ohm resistor and connect to obd plug star diag.

Working experience:

If you hear it buzzing you have connected it with hydraulic blok/magnet solenoids connected.

if yes, you need to put the shift level to P gear so that the magnetic valves are using much less power, or connect it with a more powerful power supply..

or simply disconecct the tcu from the hydraulic plate.

i make those everyday on bench with avdi and everything is working perfect.. Das manager, and regular diagnostic. btw you don’t need the 120ohm resistor on avdi.. only on vediamo/das.

Avdi Virgin Vgs3


MBCAN tool:
can make 7G units VGS1 VGS2 VGS3 virgin.
MBCAN is able to virginise the unit on the bench by using the Special hash reset.


  • CR3.xx
  • CR4.xx
  • CR5
  • CR6(working)
  • CR60.xx(working)
  • CRD.11
  • CRD2.xx
  • CRD3 (working)
  • ME9.7
  • MED17.7.x
  • SIM4LE
  • SIM266
  • SIM271DE2.0
  • SIM271KE2.0
  • 7G units VGS1 VGS2 VGS3
  • ISM – SIEMENS+CONTINENTAL (Updated finished, old customers please contact us for new software)




Board mark 2 (VGS2) is possible to renew thru vediamo!  VGS3 need luck.

Vediamo require SD connect C4.

The working solution you found does not VGS3 units because their EEPROM memory is double sized and TCU code cannot properly execute internal procedures. So it will not work on 3rd generation units with part number A 0034460310. However, in many cases and cars produced even after year 2008, which was factory equipped with VGS3 you can still use VGS2 as replacement.

Vediamo Virgin Vgs2

Vediamo with VGS2 NAG2

Demo guide: How to Virgin VGS2 TCU Mercedes 722.9 via Vediamo?

Vediamo Virgin Vgs3 1

Vediamo with VGS3 NAG2

Demo guide: https://youtu.be/B7A1aNJe_z4



In sum:

CGDI MB – low cost and many possibility!

Abritus – fine instrument but many money.

All its tool can calculate Sander Has – its need force renew VGS. Or manual send command of CAN to EGS but need buy sander Hash.




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