How to Rework R270 Clone to Erase 160D0WT Chips?

Q: The R270 BDM programmer China Clone won’t let me erase 160D0WT chips.  Because the r270 looks like there are some components missing when i was comparing to some others online.
Possible to rework it to erase 160D0WT?

Here my r270 clone boards inside

R270 Programmer 5

R270 Programmer 1

R270 Programmer 2

R270 Programmer 3

R270 Programmer 4

I’ve tried the 1000uf 12v cap but failed to erase 160D0WT chip.




Customer solution:

*You are at your risk.

You can use one trick to ERASE  and work good in this machine.

First need made a usb. you need 5 volts in a track of the adapter to work, the r270 clones have a power failure many people use button cells to power that track but since we work with a computer we have 5V in any usb port.

with any usb cable, cut and only need one wire (+ 5V) the ground is taken from the equipment that you already have the r270 interface connected to the same computer.

Here’s a photo with the point where you need to power with the usb cable that we have created for this. Another tip is not to solder it to the track of the adapter because you have to connect and disconnect it in parts of the process. You can place an intermediate button but it is not necessary either, the LED on the adapter will tell you if it is working or not.
Fix R270 Programmer
1 – start machine with eeprom Adapter connected.

2 – Select ic

3 – Start operation (erase), connect +5V



I’ve tried the method above it erase but have error when writing back to chip but it erase because the first 2 lines are 0 zeroed.
so when i try to write new mileage it write correct mileage with error.
also if i read the chip again it have the mileage that r270 wrote correct mileage.
so why error but it seam to write the file why??




The reworked r270 programmer works.

but software it has some gaps .. for example, before writing always read the ic .. and compare with the buffer .. if it doesn’t equal it gives an error.

If you want to change km to a bmw .. the operation must be as follows.
1- read and save the original dump.
2- in the modification part you have to put the old km and new km, in the corresponding boxes and give it to change, make the bypass with the + 5v at the point that it indicates and wait for it to erase .. that it was writing . and work done.

The problem you have now is that the ic doesn’t have the same data as the original reading.  You need to use another programmer because r270 does not allow you to write the ic if the dump is not the same.  I have solved that problem using another programmer .. carprog for example. carprog cannot erase but it can write .. you set the ic to 0 and with carprog (or another programer vvdi prog) you go back to write the original reading .. and then you do the previous steps with R270.

for example carprog need external power to write..

try this trick:

1 – erase all ic with r270
2- with vvdi prog write original dump (don’t worry if it gives you error)
3- read ic and check all lines except 1 and 2 is correct write ( 1 and 2 if good is 00)
4- now in r270 read ic and change km old is 0 and new.. whatever you need


Remember that the first two lines are protected, and you could write with any programmer that supports the ic even if it cannot be erase, that is, always more valuable than original.



Test report:

I did after doing the erase vvdiprog was able to write a file to chip all lines was correct but ended write with error however it did write the file correct didn’t try the ic on a dash though
because i also managed to change mileage to on chip but all I tied end with an error but all lines looks correct so I have to test it on a dash.

100% working to erase and write with vvdi prog still need to test on dash.



Credit to Moivr6 from mhhauto forum.